Oh, That’s *This* Saturday?

I routinely pack my schedule so full that I forget when I have things scheduled. I do this as a substitute for being in a relationship.

My whole weekend outlook changed when I realized that I had a ticket for a play at Theatrical Outfit on Saturday night. Gone was my plan to do strenuous yardwork Saturday for fear that I would be too sleepy to make the show. Perhaps I would have been better off if I had.

Even though I am currently not listed in the playbill as a supporter, and I am, I usually love the plays at Theatrical Outfit. Let’s just say that “The Dancing Hankerchief” wasn’t written for me.

“Thank you for supporting a musical with very few spoken words” said the man before the play began. Uh oh, I knew that I was in trouble. As I sat there wondering if there was an intermission, and if I would return to the theater if one existed, the play ended. I didn’t record the running time but my most generous guess would be that it was 75 minutes long, which was more than enough for me. I exited the theater at 8:45pm and it was still not dark outside; though not as jarring as leaving a bar or strip club when it’s still light outside, it was a weird feeling.

The evening wasn’t a total loss however, as I ate a good meal at Par Bar before going to the theater. I had a few beers with my “A Hot Mess” sandwich, exchanged a few jokes with a very good waitress, and used up my $21 rewards card in the process. I also learned that I a, not the target demographic for a band called “Ghost”, at least not going by the appearpance of those waiting in line to enter The Tabernacle.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Sunday Starter” (Decatur, Georgia, United States)

Sunday Starter
On Sunday morning I had to perform the errands I didn’t accomplish on Saturday, namely getting gas for the M6 and going to Lowe’s. Because I wanted to go to QT, the one on Lawrenceville Highway is the closest to the ITP Estate, I decided that I should stop into Waffle House on my way to Lowe’s in Edgewood Retail District. You know, if you start your Sunday at 7:00am you can get in and out of all three of these relatively quickly.

Earn My Meals
My goal starting today, since I failed this weekend, is to “earn my meals”. In an effort to reverse my weight-gaining trend I will be forcing myself to perform some exercise daily in order to justify the food I shove into my pie-hole. I have roughly two weeks before traveling to Europe and I would love to reduce my weight and increase my physical abilities a little before going there.

Tonight’s Calendar Event
After work I will be headed to Ponce City Market for “Bike Tech Nerd Meet Up & Networking” at Gerneral Assembly. I assumed my attendance to an event with such a title would be mandatory since I have interest in both topics, and am always looking for networking opportunities.

Here is the synopsis from the General Assembly website:

About This Event

Overview: The changing technology landscape has transformed the way we interact and commute. Learn how to leverage these technologies and be part of something that makes a difference.
What You’ll Take Away: During this event, attendees learn about different bike technology in the marketplace and networking with like-minded technology professionals and bike enthusiasts!

  • Networking with local Atlanta tech companies
  • Possible job opportunities
  • Learning more about bike technology
  • Partner with advocates of the local bike community

Why It Matters: Awareness of all the cool Atlanta-based bike and technology companies who are growing and hiring!
Please note that we will be sharing this event with Hypepotamus and the Atlanta Cycling Festival.

Yeah, this seems like it’s up my alley.

All Dogs Go To Heaven
2017 has turned out to be a tough year for my friends with dogs. Yesterday another friend was lost, as the Raleigh Royalty had to put down Sugar.

Sugar, Disinterested
This was a shot I took of Sugar way back in 2009, but had never published until today.

Ny heartfelt condolences to all of my friends who have suffered loss this year.

Tears and Cheers,
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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14 Responses to Oh, That’s *This* Saturday?

  1. Struggling today. My desire for getting exercise will not only be challenged by time, but more so the pain in my lower back that has haunted me since last Friday.

    Just found out that my badge was never updated to allow my workout room access in the office building; rectifying this currently.

  2. Steve says:

    Oh Sugar! So sorry to hear that.

    The weekend was full of projects- completed a few and added a few more. The mower had a leaking rear tire, and after realizing the replacement was $70, decided to repair it. At the same time, both fronts needed to be replaced. Let me just say, if you ever have the chance to mount your own tires- don’t. Multiple hours, a veritable lexicon of new swear words and after getting the second one on the rim, could never get the bead to pop in place. A trip to the tire store and 5 minutes resolved that.

    A party to celebrate the end of the triple crown at one of the fox hunt friends property. They have yet to build a house, but have built a “pavilion”. Kitchen, seating area, TV, patio space, all in the outdoors. It’s a bit curious but performed well.

    We learned yesterday of my partner in crime on the Games committee wife, who had been with Burt while he “worked” in Barbados. She had not been well before the trip, but had been cleared to travel. On the flight home, she became unresponsive and they declared an emergency and landed at ATL. American Airlines, the airport staff, and especially the paramedics of AFD were highly praised and did an exceptional job getting her to (whatever they call South Fulton) the hospital. I’ll see if I can tag Allan so he can read the account.

    Happy Monday.


    • Paulie [eatl/ga] says:


      When I heard about Sugar yesterday I reflected back on how long she was their pet. Found on a Black Sheep trail many moons (14 years perhaps?) ago, I have photos of her dating back to ’08 — when I first started taking photos.

      I suppose it makes sense for those who have had to put down their aged friends to have to do so in the same time frame as most of them adopted them around the same time frame as well.

  3. Debbie Brady says:

    Very sad to hear about Sugar. She, Reece, Nutmeg, Snoop and Gretel were all great hash dogs and family members. Condolences to the Randy, Lisa and the boys.

    I finally planted the golden seeds of pasture grass yesterday so if a drought commences you’ll know why. Our feed store guy put the fear of wasting this rather expensive seed in me and strongly recommended using a hand spreader to put it out. That was a hot task.

    Managed to ride both days. Lola, the great dane, went along on Saturday. She was invited yesterday, but politely declined. I guess the big girl thought it was a bit too hot for her.

  4. HamWithCam says:

    Sunday, coincidentally, we grabbed breakfast at “Sweet Melissa’s” on the Square (in Decatur). A nice change of pace from our usual Pastries A-Go Go. You might have joined us.

    Then, spur of the moment (rare for us), we were off to the Outlet Mall deal in/near Dawsonville up GA-400. Beautiful day, many interesting clouds.

    I managed to score the rare trifecta (at least for me, I hate to shop for clothes/shoes), at the Nike, Merrell and Columbia stores. All my purchases were N+1 stuff, to replace items getting on in their usable life. And at (surprisingly) significant discounts. Woof.

    Before we knew it, it was like 2:30pm. We grabbed a bite at the nearby Varsity Junior. I did have to translate my “Varsity speak” for the “What’d ‘ya have” beckoning counter attendant. “No, a hot dog comes with chili. A Nekked dog is no chile….”, etc.

    BTW: I puttering around Saturday trying to cobble together a 6M station for the (big, big) VHF/UHF contest that kicked off at 2:00pm (for 24 hours). Many spots (indicative of much activity) on the Internet DX maps. Europe, NE, Central US and (eventually) Western US and even Japan appeared to be booming in.

    I never heard zip dot squat. Probably because I was set-up in the ….basement. More convenient. I reasoned, just too much hassle to haul everything up to the (finished) attic. I did finally hear a lone station Sunday evening on 50.130 USB, very weak to me. He must have been booming for everybody else.

    Flickr (soon to be under “new management”) rolled out their Beta “About” profile page. I’ve not configured my “Showcase” yet. It does put everybody’s “Total Page Views” in the clear. Gasp!

    No idea what this week holds. I think Fathers Day is this weekend, right?

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • I’ve gotten the “Hey, Flickr now belongs to Verizon” email, but have done nothing about this yet.

      Fathers Day is Sunday, just another Sunday for this lifetime singleton.

  5. HamWithCam says:

    FYI, here’s a link (hopefully) for 6M DX spots for the last 60 minutes:

    (If I goofed the link, just click on “50 MHz”…)

  6. I keep forgetting to ask, do you know a good A/C person. I need to have my system rep,aced and I think that there is a leak. I think that the line between my compressor and blower may need to be replaced – it’s the only thing that wasn’t replaced when I bought new compressor a handful of years ago.

    • HamWithCam says:

      I do know a good HVAC guy, unfortunately, he only does “commercial”. He does work on our stuff, as a favor to Jan’s father.

      Having said that, I can give you some modest insight:
      – Your old system is, no doubt, R-22 refrigerant. While still available, HVAC contractors (you must be licensed) typically charge a h-u-g-e markup. Wholesale on R22 is around $23/lb. And is readily available. I’ve as much as $100-$150 a pound. Ripoff. “We’re required to charge blah, blah, to motivate people to move to R-410A…” Bull.
      – Any replacement system will, no doubt, be R-410A based.
      – If your leak is 1-2 pounds every couple of years/seasons, You can live with that. Figure a 30-45 minute service call plus the Freon. You can do the math.
      – FYI, there is a local HVAC residential outfit that advertises “We don’t charge for freon…”. I think it is “Casteel”. Details of the “free” unknown. Worth a call.
      – A new system is going to be serious $$($). A residential HVAC system consists of “inside” and “outside” piece/parts. Some of the inside is integrated with your “furnace”. Specifically the “Evaporator Coil”. The furnace blows across this coil and the cool air is distributed to your house via (old and grungy) ductwork.

      More than you want to know:
      The outside pieces are typically a “Compressor”, “Fan” and “Condenser Coil”. Piping connects your inside stuff to your outside stuff. Any leak is rarely found in this “easy to repair” piping. Leaks usually occur in the outside Condenser Coil or inside Evaporator Coil. Leaks are a pain in the butt and residential guys hate to fool with them. The system has to be evacuated (and refrigerant temporarily stored, it is unlawful to vent refrigerant to the atmosphere), dye injected and any leak detected, leak repaired (best case), purging the system with Nitrogen, replacing the refrigerant, etc, etc.

      It’s just so much easier to tear out the old system and replace it with new stuff. Figure a full day, best case. Note, your old system (copper coils) has significant “scrap” value. Measured in cases of beer. Don’t let HVAC dude just “haul that away for you….”.

      Best case, you spring for new (energy efficient) inside and outside pieces/parts. Including a “pre-formed” concrete pad on which to set the outside unit. Insist the inside-to-outside piping be replaced, or at least flushed thoroughly with Nitrogen. R-22 will contaminate R-410A. (“Well….we normally don’t do that…”)

      The efficiency of a new unit will be measured in Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), More is more better. Your ROI will be energy saved, cost of new unit, added value to your house, any government tax credits, etc.

      Figure (are you sitting down) around $3,000, give or take. Consider replacing your furnace too (for greater overall efficiency) and any goofed (poorly insulated) ductwork, if you can swing it.

      Add a (very easy to install) $200 Nest thermostat (significant deals available via Georgia Power) and you’re living the dream.

      Consult your real estate professional to determine if this would be a wise investment in today’s market. My gut tells me…yes (and then some). As mentioned, you might get some tax credits with any upgrade. I do not know.

      Disclaimer: as mentioned, Jan’s father is a mechanical contractor. Needless to say, I have been “indoctrinated” and forced to learn to speak HVAC. I am almost fluent. Almost.


      • I will have to find out when I replaced the compressor and blower units. It’s been within the last ten years, but I can’t recall. I could probably search this blog to find out. Lol.

  7. Barb says:

    hey all – back from vacation – its always so fun to come back to work…….. hahahahahaha.

    bummer about Sugar, but I was trying to remember when she was found & adopted, it was long ago.

    Steve – I was shocked about how many emergencies happen at the airport & in the air- Allan was very busy when he worked there. Glad everyone did their jobs & I hope she is ok.

    Went to Black Sheep yesterday – did a short cut walkers trail with Sani, TLC & Hung Jury – it was still almost 3 miles & HOT. I guess true trail was closer to 5 miles, and had some road rage along with some nasty creeks & small tunnels. Allan needs 4 more trails to get to 50 & his mug – so he is on a mission.

    We have a friend with an A/C company, but he is based out of Cumming, I’m sure you can find someone closer.

    • I briefly considered BS but quickly changed my mind. I still have lingering poison ivy from two weeks ago, thankfully it doesn’t itch much. Speaking of PI, I found some (I think) in my backyard. I sprayed the bejeezus out of it and waiting to see it it will die.

  8. Jenka says:

    Our AC went on the blink last month or April or something and we used Moncrief. They were excellent! Definitely recommend.

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