Making My Way Back To Germany

Hello from my train from Vienna to Frankfurt where we are clipping along at a pleasant 180km/hr (118mph) pace. I waited to write this morning since my train departs at 8:50 local, and if on time, will arrive at 15:30. Fortunately I am in a “quiet car” which may mean that I won’t have to deal with much noise on this journey. Nope, someone brought a screeching baby in to the car…

In my travels I’ve noticed that the main/central train station is usually smack-dab in the city center. However, Vienna’s main/central train station must have been built recently because though I’ve been in Vienna since Friday, I’ve not actually been in “Vienna”. The main/central train station and the hash hotel is in a bustling suburb of Vienna so I never actually made it into the city. Since the hash ended at 15:00 yesterday I had the opportunity, but not the ambition, to see the city last night. I’m sure that Vienna is lovely, I’ve been hearing this my whole life, but I can’t really say that I’ve seen it.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Museum of War, Vienna Austria” (Vienna, Austria)
Museum of War, Vienna Austria
Because of hashing, and my decision to not take my camera on trail, this is the only photo that I have to prove that I was in “Vienna”.

Through Much Disorganization The Hash Was A Success
You know, it’s funny. This weekend I saw people who live in Atlanta but I never see there. For example, I saw Snail Trail, who I haven’t seen since Brussels in 2014!

I arrived later than desired on Friday, ditched my luggage in my hotel room, changed into a hashing t-shirt, and ventured out on foot to the venue where all of the hash activities were to take place. I hung out with the Atlanta hashers who were present, and said hello to those who don’t live in Atlanta and I have met on previous travels.

Saturday morning came early, and brought with it the only hangover I have suffered on this trip. We were to meet at 8:00 to get shuttle buses to the venue, where we’d then board a bus to take us to our desired hash. You’d think that those who organize these things would have been to enough hash events to understand bus organization. Unmarked buses led to confusion and some frustration. A group of us wound up doing a different hash than originally desired. I must admit that the hash I wound up doing was fun; about 13km of up and down past many pretty scenes. Had I been smart enough to bring my iPhone I would have some good photos to share with you.

Due to no fault of the organizers the Saturday night dinner was a bit of a clusterf*ck. Apparently the power on the entire block of the venue had gone out, leaving the organizers with no option for heating up food. I ate a late appetizer and then joined Deposit Slit, Oops, Slippery When Wet, Spermier, Dave Crochet, and Choo Choo for pizza.

Having not done sufficient planning I didn’t realize that Saturday was the only day of “real” hashing. There was a “hangover hash” which meant that I’d be on a city walk to the venue. Perhaps if we were in the main part of Vienna this would have been a scenic tour, but alas it wasn’t really.

I Found Le Tour de France On TV
After the close of the hash yesterday I broke off from the Atlantans and headed back to the hotel. When I saw that I was back in time to watch the Tour live I turned on the TV for the first time. After channel surfing for a minute I found the German broadcast. Cool. Of course I passed out for awhile but woke up in time to watch Ritchie Porte have a horrific accident, one which I still can’t understand how it occurred.

I’m Ready To Get Off Hotel WiFi
The last two hotels I’ve stayed in have had abysmal WiFi speeds. I understood that I could “upgrade” my internet speeds at InterCity Hotel in Augsburg, but the Hotel ZeitGeist had no option for this. In Vienna I think that the position of my room, at the end of the hall, may have been the culprit for my slow speeds.

I am also feeling ready to sleep in my own bed again, though I am not looking forward to continuing a life without quality air conditioning. When I get back to the US I will have to start enacting some of the life changes that I have been delaying.

Happy Monday to you all! Hope your weekend was fun.

Paulie [vienna/at]

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26 Responses to Making My Way Back To Germany

  1. Stacy says:

    Those of us who are friends with Davey got to “see” a little bit of you this weekend in photos he uploaded. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can picture the countryside you hashed through based on his photos as well.

  2. Steve says:

    I think Richie Ports error was trying to take an inside line and overtaking Aru (or as Debbie says, Arooooooo). Aru took his own line leaving Port to go farther inside where there wasn’t a line. I’m glad he wasn’t hurt any worse than he was. That could have been real bad.

    I’m at home today, trying to recover from vertigo. Feeling better but still not right (yeah, I know, that ain’t ever happening).


  3. Since Sunday my legs have had this funny feeling. I think that the feeling is called “muscle fatigue from use”.

  4. HamWithCam says:

    Steve, FWIW, for 2-3 months after Elizabeth was born Jan experienced (rather pronounced) bouts of vertigo. Multiple doctor visits revealed little. However, numerous conversations with Jan’s friends that had virtually all experienced similar symptoms post-pregnancy led her to significantly reduce salt in her diet. Bingo. Virtually all processed foods (canned soups, etc) has very high-levels of salt.

    1) Reduce salt in your diet
    2) Check to see if you’ve been recently pregnant. ๐Ÿ™‚

    In other news, we had a (relatively) uneventful weekend. We did take in the Atlanta Botanical Garden Sunday morning before it got too hot. Then OK Cafe (natch) with Jan’s sister, etc.

    Apparently, today is “member appreciation day” at the High (normally closed on Mondays). No plans to attend.

    But the High is one of my favorite places to stroll around with a camera:

    You never know what you might see:

    73 de JG/HamWIthCam

  5. Barb says:

    thanks to Davey & Deposit – we saw some of your hashing experience.
    did you go to the place with the crazy statues? They were intriguing.

    Busy weekend with wedding things, went to Panty Waste’s daughter’s wedding Saturday night – it was fun to see some of my “old” hashing friends, as in people who mainly hashed in the 90s.

    Sunday I had to go to a bridal shower for a different friend – her bridesmaids are taking their jobs VERY seriously, it was a bit much.

    We worked on our Wheelhopper trail for next Sunday 7/16 – I think it is going to work out ok. (as long as there is no rain, I think flour in a couple places would be a bad idea, so we will have to figure out chalk & or toilet paper, which means it will take even longer to lay the trail)

    • In Frankfurt after a pleasant ride with Deutsche Bahn.

      I skipped the statue place. At that point I needed some alone time from all hashers.

      • Barb says:

        I know what you mean about time away from hashers – I will experience that again when we go to Phoenix. At least I have a off site AirBnB this time -and its only a 5 minute walk (and no elevator waiting!)

  6. HamWithCam says:

    I note around 80% of the time any comments I make in this here blog is “awaiting moderation…”

    To wit (from this ITP post):
    Data point #1:
    HamWithCam says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 10, 2017 at 9:27 am

    Data point #2:
    Barb says:
    July 10, 2017 at 9:40 am
    (Apparently not awaiting moderation.)

    The IT guy in me was quick to note “9:27” is before “9:40″….
    Or as Paulie would say “WTF?!”

    Alas, there is a pecking order for most things in life.
    I suppose this is just another one of them.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam
    (Only knowing Paulie for 10+ years…)

  7. Steve says:

    And Paulie doesn’t like you because you actually take pictures.

  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Yeah, what Steve said. ๐Ÿ˜›


    And all of this checking and commenting is costing me money because I have gone over the international data plan I purchased.

  9. Barb says:

    oh – I almost forgot – from the wedding Sat. night – they had the seating chart written on a big mirror in calligraphy (very, very hard to read).
    BUT – my new first name is Peggy! (my other alter ego from CA a couple years ago was Polly – I’m wondering about these P names……..)
    Enema loved that – we will see if he remembers next time I see him.

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