Here’s To The Crazy Ones

There may come a time when I am appealing to a review board at a mental institution for my release. Here is the text that you should provide to them to ensure my detainment.

Yesterday I needed to clear my head, as I have to do often these days, so I left the office on foot. It was nearing lunch time and the temperature was not high so I decided to walk north on Peachtree to see what I can find that was new to me, which of course meant that I would pass on Jimmy Johns since I ate at a different location already this week.

Keep in mind that I have also been complaining about debilitating pain in my left leg and hip.

As I found out, there is not much in the way of food along Peachtree to the north of 15th Street. There was a pizza place that looked inviting, but I wasn’t convinced. I passed by a couple of office cafes, but I could have eaten at the one in my building if that’s what I wanted.

Before I knew it I had reached the Brookwood interchange. Of course the sidewalk on my side of Peachtree was closed, I was informed of this about two blocks from the nearest intersection, so I played fast and furious with my life and crossed the overpass in the street. At this point my destination was Perimeter Pointe Brookwood Place (because I’m not Forrest Gump), the lackluster shopping center that replaced an Atlanta institution known as The Beer Mug.

Fun Fact: I was named at a Monday Night Hash that ended at The Beer Mug.

Trivia to Which I Don’t Know the Answer: Wasn’t there a Kroger in Brookwood Place when it first opened? [the answer is “Yes”, thanks to ITP-Reader ITP Lurker for answering my question]

In Brookwood Place there is a Chipotle, no thanks, and some sort of Thai food restaurant on the upper level and for which I couldn’t see a convenient way enter.

Ahead sat Mellow Mushroom and El Azteca, since I had already passed one pizza place I opted for the latter. Google Maps tells me that I walked 1.3 miles to lunch, which meant that unless I chickened out and called a Lyft, I had a 1.3-mile uphill walk ahead of me.

Keep in mind that I have also been complaining about debilitating pain in my left leg and hip.

When I got up from my booth at El Azteca my hip and leg hurt, and I feared that I had written a check that my body would be unable to cash. I thought that I night have no choice but to call for a Lyft.

You probably guessed that I am too cheap and stubborn to have called a Lyft, so I marched onward.

Did you know that the humidity at this time yesterday was hovering near 99%?

I am a sweater. No, not the comfortable article of clothing that you want hugging your body when the temperature drops, rather a human being that sweats at the drop of a hat (and subsequent bending over to pick up said hat). So, even though the temperature was comfortable, the humidity combined with exercise meant that I returned to the office rather moist. I was so nasty that I considered showering in the workout room, but I had no dry non-workout clothes into which I could change. So, I did what anyone in my position would do, I took my laptop home and worked from there.

By the time I had awaken from my unexpected nap and then did a few hours of work, I was in no condition to go down into the basement and do any of the chores down there that I had intended on completing last night.

Tonight I am attending a social mix-up networking event (can I string together any more useless adjectives?) at Colony Square right after work. So, what is one of the most insane things to do when planning to be on your feet after a day of work? Wear a brand new pair of shoes of course! Want to guess what’s on my feet currently?

And there it is, your ticket for keeping me in good hands at some point in my future. Left to my own devices I clearly will only manage to hurt myself.

Make it a crazy day folks.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Here’s To The Crazy Ones

  1. ITP Lurker says:

    You walked to Brookwood Place yesterday, not Perimeter Pointe. And yes, a two-story Kroger was there back in the day.

    • Wow, I don’t know what I was thinking as I typed “Perimeter Pointe”. I told you that I was insane! 😉

      Thanks for the correction, post updated.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        I initially started that comment with “your brain is OTP” but then it sounded harsh so I took that part out. 🙂 Props on the Forrest Gump reference. Walk, Paulie, walk!

  2. Steve says:

    When I walk North, unless I’m out on an actual lunchtime walk with one of my work friends, I limit myself to 17th St. As I used to work at Pershing Point (1475), I’m aware there is next to nothing beyond without a considerable walk. The other option would be renting a bike, but that takes some forethought, as I would never ride in-town without a helmet. Never. Ever.

    Still waiting on a callback from the transmission place. Not sure if I’m worried or anxious- either way it must be done.

    Remember ever filling out a “sellers disclosure” when you sold a house? I’m prepping for the Ben Hilton and the form used to have answers for Yes/No/Don’t Know. Now it’s just a Y/N… “Has there EVER (my emphasis) been any settling on the property?” Ever is a really long time and goes beyond the scope of the almost 50 years we’ve owned the property. Geez…


    • Pershing Point, that must have been what made me think Perimeter Pointe…

      I also wouldn’t rent a bike on a wet day. I’m not that crazy.

      Good luck with the transmission.

      I’ve yet to sell a house so I’ve never filled out a disclosure form. One of the reason that I need to get the ITP Estate repaired is so that I can fill one out with a clear conscience.

      • Steve says:

        Kind of a catch 22… if you repair it, you have no (fewer) reason to leave!

        • Not really, I have oodles of reasons to leave.

          I’m currently trying to decide just how many bad memories in one city are “enough”. More and more I can’t travel around this city without dredging up something bad that has happened to me there.

  3. Steve says:

    The transmission shop is still chugging away… must be nice to be so busy you can’t get everything done quickly. I was hoping not to have the rental car over the weekend!

    • “Must be nice to be so busy you can’t get everything done quickly.” Nope, not in my world. I am getting infinitely more responsibility at “XYZ Corp” and I can’t get shit done in a timely manner. Might even get worse in two weeks when the guy I report to is gone.

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