Late Sleeper

Perhaps it was the two beers I had after German class. Or perhaps it was the incredibly comfortable temperature in which to sleep. Regardless, I managed to unwittingly turn off my alarm clock at 5:15am and fall back to sleep, waking again at 6:30am.

For many 6:30am is super early, but for me it is late. I popped out of bed, showered, and jumped into the M6 to fight traffic.

Welcome To Joe’s
As I was waiting for the light at Glenwood / Flat Shoals to change in my favor I noticed that there was only one car in the three parking spaces outside of Joe’s Coffee in East Atlanta. A decision to delay my arrival at work was made and I stopped into to grab of cup of coffee to go.

If I were a real Millenial wannabe I would have gotten my coffee in a ceramic mug and pulled out my laptop to work for a few hours in the coffee shop.

Opportunities Abound
Given that my exercise routine has been upset by my latest bouts with hip/leg pain I am taking this opportunity to reevaluate my eating habits. On a scale of 0-9 (I am a C programmer at heart), where zero is “really bad” and nine is “really good”, my eating habits fall in the neighborhood of -32. It’s why Paulie remains fat. In this case recognition is the first step toward redemption.

With a rare open evening tonight I will be spending time in the basement of the ITP Estate making some changes to the living arrangements down there in preparation for what could be some real life-altering changes coming this Fall. I will also be spending a good portion of the evening coding, because if there is one thing I don’t have enough of it is confidence that I can land a new job quickly in the swiftly-changing environment that is mobile software development. Someone please do me a favor in twenty years, assuming we are all still alive, to remind me to re-read that last sentence so that I may have a good belly laugh when I am 72.

Binging Is For Video Only
I’ve plowed through the last season of “The Great British Baking Show”, the one that stars the four musketeers of TGBBS — Mary, Mel, Sue, and Paul. As usual I loved series, even if the repetition is starting to wear the concept thin. That’s the problem with creativity really, it’s so goddamn good when it’s original, but you have to keep improving in order to keep reaching the high — see also: heroin addiction. (LOL, I initially typed “heroine addiction”. I’ll admit to being addicted to some heroines in my life.)

With the completion of TGBBS I’ve put on my Completist’s Hat and started re-watching Silcon Valley from season 1 in preparation to watch Season 4, which I have purchased from iTunes. Sure, I remember most of the plot lines that occurred in Seasons 1-3, but why not have them fresh in mind when going into the new season?

Okay, it’s “late” and I have many opportunities to confront. Make it a wonderful day, my friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Late Sleeper

  1. Steve says:

    “heroine addiction” Ha! That you do.

    There was a “lunch and learn” about counterfeiting put on by the Secret Service yesterday and afterwards, I told the SAIC I thought this was going to be a “how to”. He laughed and said I just needed to go out to Youtube!! Umm… no thanks. I like my job.

    Nothing new on the Games front. We think we have a whisky sponsor, which is really good news!!


    • I just realized that the Games aren’t really that far off, Sept/Oct?

      Over the next few weeks I will be “finalizing” my travel plans for the remainder of 2017. I need to leverage “XYZ Corp”‘s “unlimited” vacation policy while I can.

      Also, having just finished another cup of coffee I can’t believe how much better the coffee from Joe’s was compared to what I just consumed.

  2. Barb says:

    We went out to Point Loma yesterday afternoon, gorgeous afternoon, not that everyday isn’t a gorgeous day out here. Hiked around, it was higher tide so couldn’t really see all the tidal pools, but it was a gorgeous place, with a serious ocean breeze. I think I got a little sun/wind burned.
    Ran some more errands with Amy, packing to live out of suitcases for a month or 2 is interesting.
    Grilled our fish with some neighbors for dinner, and we did have a Ballast Point Sculpin n beer with the Sculpin fish. We should be going to the actual Ballast Point Brewery today.
    Benny told me he’d never speak to us again if we don’t make it to Stone Brewery, it’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

    • You have picked a great time to be away as the weather here is utter shit. In fact, the weather doesn’t appear to be getting much better anytime soon, so I will most likely not even think about going to Columbus for the whitewater rafting this Saturday.

      • Barb says:

        Heard the weather had been crappy.
        Hope we aren’t delayed on Saturday. Not that staying an extra day out here would be an awful thing.

  3. Steve says:

    See if you can squeeze a trip over to Coronado Island and see the Del Coronado Hotel. When we win the lottery, it will be one of the first places I go. A classic.

    Sadly, when I was in LA last weekend, I never got close to the ocean (even though I stayed in Long Beach!) and I’m in need of at least a tiny amount of beach time to satisfy my reptilian brain.

    • Barb says:

      We drove near that hotel Sunday. We are staying on Coronado Friday night, so may go walk thru & get a drink if we can find parking. Parking is tough out there.

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