Short And As Sweet As I Can Be

I have to be at the Woodruff Arts center in about forty-five minutes, which considering that I am currently sitting at “XYZ Corp”, is not that great of a hardship. After today’s Creative Mornings Atlanta event I have challenged myself to do to the first-ever (as far as I know) post-talk mixer. Yes, I am going to try being a normal, social person again.

I Would Walk Three Miles
Yesterday’s walk with ITP-Reader Steve was great. The only thing that could have made it greater would have been the temperature being 10-15 degrees lower.

The three mile mark is a good one for me, because I have mapped out a walk from “XYZ Corp” to the Inman-Reynoldstown MARTA station that is just about that length. In the near future I might experiment with parking, taking the train into work and then walking back to the M6 a couple of days a week.

Seeing The Old Coworkers Tonight
Tonight there is a meetup of former Echostar employees at Chuy’s near Perimeter Mall. It’ll be good to see some people that I have not seen in awhile. Next Monday marks the one-year mark since Echostar shut down the Atlanta office.

As you may know, I am a Jets fan. Ouch, it hurts to admit that in public these days. Through my association with the hash, and more specifically with the Raleigh Royalty, I have become a fan of the Packers as well. After a tough day at “XYZ Corp” all I wanted to do was flop down and watch last night’s Bears v. Packers game. I knew the game was being streamed on Amazon Prime, which is fine for me since I’ve been a long-time subscriber, and dutifully pulled it up on my iPad. Then, to watch the game on a much larger screen I turned on AirPlay to cast it to my television via the AppleTV only to be thwarted with a dialog box alerting me that I was not allowed to stream the game to a “connected device”. With no Amazon Prime app currently on my AppleTV I had two options:
1. Watch the game on the iPad.
2. Tell Amazon and the NFL to go fuck themselves and find something else to do.

I think you know me well enough to figure out which I chose.

Focusing On Myself This Weekend
I plan to spend a lot of time at home alone this weekend. I have plenty of software and German skills to improve and want to dedicate some time to them. There are also some chores around the ITP Estate that need to get done, I might even have time to do them since I won’t be watching much football this weekend.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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16 Responses to Short And As Sweet As I Can Be

  1. bob says:

    This weekend should be fantastic weather, if you lock yourself inside you will probably regret it. Got a lot going on up here in the burbs, tennis match, cub scouts, yard work, car show, may even make it to watch the cyclocross race.

    I didn’t watch the game last night but it was on at the bar post ramble. I don’t think I have ever seen a rain delay in a football game, even stranger was the stadium emptied out (was there a lightning strike?). That was quite bazaar.

  2. Huh, I just looked at the score this morning. I wanted to go out and watch the game, but don’t know who does that, couldn’t think of a place to go, and decided to save calories and money by going home.

    I may regret it, but I also may regret not preparing myself firmly future either. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

  3. Steve says:

    Great walk yesterday. Let’s make that a regular occurrence please.
    After work, a meeting with the Park management team to make sure we are all on the same page. Seem to be, which is good at this point. While at the meeting, I received an email saying there was a water leak in one of our wire closets at the office. As I was just in Vinings, I stopped back in on the way home. For the most part, no damage except to a bit of wiring, which is likely not an issue. The stink from the dirty kitchen drains and sinks will stick with me for a while. Yechhh.

    Dinner tonight at Raging Burrito with family to celebrate my sisters’ retirement (!?!?) Not sure why this is a family event, but we’re going with it.

    Car show in Senoia tomorrow- a good reason to ride there and back.


  4. Barb says:

    game was on NBC I think.
    busier than busier……….

  5. ITP Lurker says:

    How’d the mixer go?

    • It went okay, but mostly because someone came up and talked to me as I was sitting there eating a bagel.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        To me, accomplishing many goals in life are like completing those childhood dot-to-dot pictures. You generally can’t tellin advance how many dots are involved, but by purposefully moving from one dot to the next, one fine day the picture emerges and we’re where you want to be. So, you connected another dot today. It doesn’t matter that someone else started the conversation. You were in the room, and apparently you were able to hold up your end of the conversation for some amount of time.

        To get where you want to be is going to be a series of small wins. I consider today one of those small wins.

        I can’t tell where you are on the continuum of judging yourself, but if you can get to a place of setting aside the self-judgement, then you become even more approachable. Regardless, keep on Paulie, you’re making progress whether you can see it or not.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          “we’re where you want to be” should be “you’re where you want to be”

        • I had a revelation earlier and can’t for the life of me remember what it was now.

          I am definitely not where I want to be at 52, but must keep trying.

          • ITP Lurker says:

            I was bitching to my therapist once about it taking me to age 50 to get my head around so many of the things that I didn’t know I was up against. Particularly because at the time she was also seeing a 30-something friend who had a lot of my issues. “____ is only 30 and figuring his stuff out” I bitched. Without missing a beat Ellen replied “Better 50 than 70.” Shut me up. You still have lots of runway ahead of you. Keep up the great work. You’ll be surprised one day. You’ll see. Your past and future are not inextricably linked, no matter what the voice in your head is telling you.

          • For some things time has run out, for others it is running out, and for the rest I have until death. Fortunately the first category currently doesn’t contain things that I have desperately wanted to accomplish.

  6. Completely fed up with my work. All week it’s been nothing but frustrating bullshit.

  7. Steve says:

    Time has not run out on anything unless you had a goal associated with age. Everything is still on the table.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      *EXACTLY*. Paulie has some rock-solid preconceptions in this regard. But his most recent thoughts are showing glimmers of hairline fractures. It’s a start. 🙂

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