It’s ironic that I skipped the “Christmas celebration” put on by the office building because I was too uncomfortable to try and talk to people from other companies to attend a German Stammtisch dinner filled with people speaking a language in which I am far from fluent.

I felt so uncomfortable that I left before dinner.

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  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Yes, I know that feeling well. “Normal” things in life aren’t hard enough, let’s raise the fucking bar even further.

    Regardless, you showed up. Repeat exposure is the way through. You can do this.

  2. Steve says:

    Start small. And I thought “Stammstisch” was “the regulars” table at a restaurant? I remember such a sign in Head Eunuch and KSN’s breakfast area.

    A really well done class on MS Project yesterday. I’ve taken the similar 101 class years ago, but don’t need to use it enough to become proficient. I still don’t have a real need for work around here, but the Games is another story.

    I think there is Christmas shopping on the calendar tonight. So many nieces and nephews, so little time. Barb, unless we accomplish all the shopping tonight, I think WH on Sunday is out.


    • That is the meaning, but I was under the impression that in this instance it was just a Christmas party with a German meal. I guess that I was wrong.

      Speaking of Christmas parties, tonight’s is “XYZ Corp”’s; it’s at Tavern Pointe. I was going to walk there from the office, and still may, but this weather is not very conducive for doing so.

  3. Barb says:

    Shopping- what a concept.
    I realized I don’t know what shoes to wear to the Hyox party Saturday, so I may have to go to DSW tonight. Or – just wear something I own – like it really matters……….

    I decided Allan’s mom is getting an essential oil diffuser and some oils -a friend sells the stuff, so she is figuring it out for me. TJ- who knows………
    My parents are getting a Dessert of the month shipment – but its just quarterly – 1st one is the last week of December.
    Allan gets whatever he buys himself – as I get the same thing. (maybe a motorcycle, if he can ever find one to buy). I probably need a new phone, but I kinda want to switch to a Android, but I’m afraid – I’ve only had an iPhone. and I’m lazy, do I just stick with what I know?

    • Steve says:

      I have one of each. The bank iPhone is OK, my personal Android is a Samsung 4 (!!!) and except for battery life, has served me very well. And the only problem with the battery is age.

    • As an Apple fanboy, developer, and most importantly shareholder, I have no inclination to switch. I’m not sure why people do (Stacy?) but then I am not one to change what works for me.

      • Barb says:

        I just think the iPhone is over priced, and the fact you can add extra memory on your own to an Android, is why I’m thinking of switching. I hate my iPhone memory is almost always full. I had to take most of the music off so I have room for the pictures.

      • Stacy says:

        I switched because I just got *so dang bored* with the iPhone. The features on my Samsung are much more fun (yep, I adore my little stylus that lets me write on screen) and it has much more memory to boot at a cheaper price. Every time I went to get a new iPhone it was just: bleh. Same ol’ thing again.

        I am exactly that Samsung commercial that’s out there today about the dude being all “hey look what I got!” back in 2007 (or whenever) and then showing all his frustration through the years with his comparably small screen, lack of features, “cannot save photo; out of memory” message, jealousy eyeing his girlfriend’s super quick cordless charger, etc. and then ends up switching.

        • Barb says:

          thanks Stacy – that post may have helped me decide.
          but then……….. which Android? Samsung or do I go Google Pixel? or what else is there? hmmmmm

          • Such decisions now…

            Why not just get the same one as Allan?

          • Barb says:

            true- I may do that. I just don’t know.
            which is why I haven’t gotten new one yet.

          • Stacy says:

            That’s the fun thing though – so many choices! 🙂 I say go into a store and play with all the options to see which one you like. (you don’t necessarily need to buy it there if you find it cheaper on line) I love my Samsung, but I heard the Google one is pretty sweet too!

    • Stacy says:

      Barb, right now DSW is doing a promo if you spend $39 or more you get a free blanket. It looks really comfy and can be a great gift for someone if you need that extra gift. 🙂 Great excuse to shop for new shoes! Just google “DSW free blanket” for the coupon.

    • Debbie Brady says:

      I’m a big Samsung fan. I’m on my third with an Samsung galaxy 7.

  4. Barb says:

    And- Wheelhopper will be cold – not sure I’m very excited about it.
    Trail is at Yellow River, as is Black Sheep, but circle will be at Sani’s? (it isn’t next door)

  5. Steve says:

    And just because, I donated $20 to the David Ermold campaign in KY. Name ring a bell… how about Kim Davis? She is the clerk of Rowan County that denied HIM a marriage license and now he’s running against her.

    Revenge is a dish best served COLD! Booyah!

  6. Thought this weather might kick me into “Christmas Mode”. Nope.

    • Barb says:

      This weather does not make me get in a Christmas mode, because all anyone does is bitch about it – the roads might be bad, etc. but- they seem to want it to snow. plus, the same snowmaggedon stories I’ve heard a 1000 times. It just gets annoying.

  7. Barb, I was thwarted trying to take my mom to “Pete & Shorty’s Iowa Bistro” on Tuesday night. I was looking forward to trying their food. 🙁

  8. Thought I could brave the weather for lunch, made it one block to Tin Lizzy, which is where I ate lunch yesterday…

  9. All this nonsensical discussion about Android in this blog has caused such a disturbance in the Universe that it’s snowing in Southtown!

    • Barb says:

      that’s funny!!!
      Sorry -but I knew someone here would give me the scoop on what to do about a phone.
      the snow was pretty earlier – its now turning to rain.
      Getting ugly.

  10. Venue for our Christmas party just canceled on us. Poop. I guess I will fight traffic now?

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