Late start at the Waschsalon. Stupid icy roads…

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  1. Steve says:

    Speaking of Waschsalon, how is the repair of the house coming?

    Ollie was slow coming in last night and I took a headlight and looked for him. Backyard- nothing, front yard, 2 beedy green eyes, not moving much. Threw on some clothes, grabbed a blanket and went to find Lily had made a nest in the leaves. I had called for her earlier, but got no response. I convinced her to follow me into the house, where she spent the night. I let her out with everyone else this morning and after I collected all “our” children, left for work. She had already made it down to the stop sign (.6 mile) and was trotting back our way. C’mon Barb, you know you need a dog!

    Used a GCN Youtube trainer video last night and it was pretty good. 40 minutes of micro-intervals.


    • At my current pace I will die before starting.

      I’ve not had the gumption to try a GCN workout. Related: I want to lose at least twenty pounds this year. Right pants are not fun.

  2. Stacy says:

    They still are?

    • Yep. Side roads that don’t receive much sun still have a pretty decent amount of ice coverage. Thankfully I think that it should all be gone by tomorrow.

      • Steve says:

        Our road is East-West and protected by trees, so there is still plenty of snow on it. As it’s not paved, there’s not really a problem with ice that I can tell. Coming into Luthersville, there are a couple of big patches of ice that will be around for a while- very shady and E-W.

      • Stacy says:

        Mine was still a mess yesterday, so I MARTA’d to work and walked home. Today was all good though. I think the 60 degree weather this weekend should help. 🙂

  3. Oh yeah. I “discovered” the Atlanta History Center before seeing a play there last night. I will be making an effort to return some day for a longer visit.

  4. TV in the Waschsalon is playing that show with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest; I feel my brain rotting as I hear it. Should have brought earbuds with me.

  5. HamWithCam says:

    Yesterday I made my last trip to Monroe for the foreseeable future. Dealing with Mother’s personal effects was really pretty easy. And my “smarter, better looking” sister was down from Rhode Island to direct: “Make 3 x piles John: keep, donate, trash..”. We made quick work of it. I hugged all the staff and told them “I’ll be back for my room Monday…” Only a few laughed. Gallows humor.

    Oh, I did wind up with a small “basement beer mini-refrigerator” I didn’t realize I owned. (Pro tip: defrost before transport.) I also retrieved my “First Place Roswell Photographic Society” framed photograph.

    Today, my sister is making the trek down to Buena Vista to spread Mother’s ashes beside where her late husband is buried. A nice gesture.

    UGA/Auburn gymnastics meet tonight, followed by what I hope is a pretty weekend.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

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