The key to success is flexibility and I don’t mean being able to touch the floor while standing flat-footed; a feat which my torso-rich body has no difficulty accomplishing. No, the flexibility of which I speak (or type in this instance) is in planning.

On Saturday we were blessed with beautiful weather, and because I could literally walk to the start of Pine Lake (Kroger on Glenwood) I ran a hash for the second week in a row!

Yesterday I was suppose to go for a leisurely bike ride, but the rain foiled that plan. Instead I got high — I went to the High Museum of Srt, and then to The Highlander for a few beers and tater tots. No, I did not see Jackass there.

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  1. Barb says:

    Jackass got banned from Highlander – well really, by just 1 bartender – LONG STORY – so he rarely goes there anymore.

    I worked until 3pm Saturday, went to Masterpiece on Buford Hwy in Duluth with some friends (good – but not as good as Tasty China)
    Went to a curling watching party Saturday night- USA Men win gold – it was awesome to watch, even if it happened the day before & we knew the outcome.

    Sunday – ran errands – took Allan to see JoAnna’s empty kitchen, and talk remodeling ideas. It made Mike feel better to have a male perspective. then the boys moved on to building a garage onto the house, etc………
    We also did yard work – damn grass is starting to grow, so it was weed & feed time.
    I actually planted some lettuce & spinach from seed – we will see what happens there.

  2. Steve says:

    Hot tub? Check!
    Big tree sliced up? Check!
    Taxes done? OUCH!!!

    I really should have gone riding on Saturday, but I was too wrapped up in chores to break away. Apparently, it rained all day in the city? We had morning rain, about 09:00 when the line came through, but not really any more until overnight. Got in a run yesterday afternoon and my legs feel like they did something, but at least aren’t in pain!

    We got in the “warm tub” last night. I didn’t have it cranked- just wanting to check all systems. It’s cranked now, so we’ll see how it feels tonight.


  3. The bike ride I was supposed to do was postponed until next Sunday. This will delay my return to Black Sheep, unless the ride gets postponed again…

    And even though there will three Black Sheeps in March (Founders Day is always 3/11) I am committed to other events on 3/11 and 3/18.

  4. Steve says:

    And only 2 weeks until we switch back to Daylight Savings Time.

  5. Stacy says:

    I do believe you knew what we meant. I never understand why people do this every year. *eyeroll*

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