So glad I put flannel sheets back on the bed. They may not be needed for much longer, but they have helped me stay warm this week.

Bedroom light is flickering slightly. Don’t know if it’s wonky ITP Estate electrical, or old CF bulb on its last leg.

Arm looking like it has poison ivy and I have tossed my old prescriptions (which is probably the right thing to have done). Might try to see my doctor for the first time in a while for a diagnosis.

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  1. Just got my answer regarding the light bulb, as it just went out. Fortunately it was the bulb and not the house’s electrical grid.

    • bob says:

      We just had a switch go in the kitchen, turned it on and could hear the sparking and arcing. Kind of scary actually. 5 minutes and $4 later, new switch installed and back to normal. I’m getting more comfortable with electricity, just have to respect it.

  2. Stacy says:

    Prescriptions don’t usually “go bad” – they just become less effective over time. Same with OTC things like your Advil or Tylenol. Still OK to take after the expiration date.

    Happy Pi Day! FYI, Kroger has 8″ fruit pies and cheese pizza pies (the ones in the deli section, not frozen section) for $3.14 today. Totes getting one of each after work. For Instagram purposes if nothing else. 😉

    • True. My concern about the drugs was not a lack of effectiveness, but rather not remembering why each one was prescribed for me; I have had some weird ailments/injuries over the years. I might not even had any Prednisone because I am usually good about taking the entire prescription as directed.

      Happy pi shopping! 🤓

      • Well, in looking for a new bulb I found a bag containing my old prescriptions. I was right, no Prednisone to be found. Poop.

      • Stacy says:

        Gotcha. Yeah, there are the meds I always finish (like antibiotics) and then those I hoard – the “take as needed” ones. I have about 15 prescription strength pain killers and 10 muscle relaxers from this most recent bout left. Weeeee! Them muscle relaxers feel reeeeeeaaaal nice 🙂 ….but I’m hanging on to them should I ever REALLY need them. Which I probably will just for sleeping on my neck wrong or something stupid like that.

  3. Steve says:

    Pi Day and Stephen Hawking dies? Coincidence? I think not.

    Taking the boss to lunch today, before he retires on the 30th. I’ve worked for him for his 20+ years at the bank and never had a better boss. A great pleasure to work for someone who lets us do our job and stays out of the way, knows how to run interference when needed to let us do our job, and is still a nice guy. The new man is a good guy, but has no network background. We’ll be training him for a while.


  4. bob says:

    Poison ivy is evil! Prednisone is your friend, I wish I could get that OTC.

  5. Barb says:

    Back form the dermatologist – 2 spots frozen, 4 little biopsies. Better to be safe than sorry – I got sun burned plenty is my younger years………..

    • Steve says:

      Better safe than sorry, indeed! As fair as we are, you always have to be vigilant. I know I had a couple of bad burns when I was younger… I always worry about my scalp, which has gotten a few too, but it’s much harder to check.

  6. Stacy says:

    For huffing. Duh.

  7. Barb says:

    and- I got a nice mention for my poison ivy from the doctor – she actually said- “there was only about 1 day that was nice enough to wear shorts – and you managed to get PI!”
    We laughed about it – I chose not to tell her about hashing.

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