Learned some things about my Instant Pot during last night’s near failure. The dish required pressure cooking and for some reason the pressure valve failed to raise, indicating that the pot wasn’t pressure cooking. The third time was the charm however.

This morning I am with the M6 for some recall maintenance. Not sure how my day will play out.

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  1. Waffle House breakfast (sans meat) done.
    M6 maintenance done.
    Headed to office.

  2. Steve says:

    A fairly quiet weekend. Picked up my car from the gay-rage even though it wasn’t completed. Had to order parts which haven’t come in yet. Met old HS friends Saturday, watched the last half of the Loyola and Kansas games. Met friends for lunch at the pub in Senoia yesterday.

    As we left the pub, we needed to make a stop around the corner. As I pulled in, the dash lights all came on and I lost power steering! The engine never really quit, but it seemed to have some sort of electrical short. We had an issue with battery terminals a couple months ago and I checked those, but nothing appeared loose. Got home, checked again and all was still tight. Ride to MARTA this morning was uneventful. I don’t know…


  3. Oh yeah. On Saturday morning I did a Habitat for Humanity build with some of the Urban Explorer folks near Vine City. Before we got to work, some City of Atlanta firefighters got put to work at a nearby house.
    I Went To Help Build A House And Watched City Of Atlanta Firefighters Save Another One.

  4. Barb, first day on the new job?

    • Barb says:

      Yes, 1st day. Doing a lot of hurry up & waiting, the girl training me is 37 weeks pregnant, so I need to learn quick.
      I think I’ll figure it out, it’s a lot of international documentation ppwk, so lots of details to learn.
      Lunch seems to sort of set 12-1, which will be different.
      Allan is away at the 2nd week of officer 2 class, so I’m single all week.
      He’s still really sore & bruised.
      He did tell his parents about the accident finally.

      • Steve says:

        So Barb, did he just hit the ground? Impact the vehicle? Laid the bike down? You know they were going to find out…

        • Barb says:

          He t-boned the car on the passenger side, guy turned left right in front of him.
          He flew over the roof and onto the pavement on the other side. I think……

          • Sounds eerily similar to the bicycle wreck I had seven years ago, though I assume Allan was traveling much faster.

          • Steve says:

            I did something similar- superman over the car. As my wise motorcycle instructor said when I told him I never hit the brakes, “Did you pick your spot to launch?” That, I did…

          • Barb says:

            He was on Windy Hill, so not going super fast, I’d guess maybe 30 mph. But, he hit hard enough to deploy the passenger side airbag on the car.
            Got a price on the totalled Moto already from his insurance, the fun will be all the other costs with the other guys insurance.

  5. Note to future me: Subway’s “Sweet Onion” sauce is way too sweet for you; it’s like a simple sugar syrup with some onion flavoring.

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