Seeking Prednisone this morning.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 210.6 pounds (-1.2 from last week’s weigh-in)

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  1. My favorite weather app, Storm by Weather Underground, is being discontinued at the end of this month. I have looked for a suitable replacement and am not finding one. It will come as no surprise that I consider myself a wee little bit of a weather nerd, with many requirements for an app.

    • bob says:

      Check out Dark Sky Weather app. It’s $4 but so far I am really enjoying it. Super accurate too, last weekend in Chattanooga it told me it would rain in 9 minutes and rain for 20, I was surprised when in 9 minutes it started raining then 20 minutes later it stopped.

      • Only thing I have not figured out with Dark Sky is how to get a forecast for another location. Wait, I might have just found out how…

        • Barb says:

          I’ve never paid for a weather app, I guess I get what I pay for.

        • bob says:

          You can search a city or use the GPS, it saves your searches too. Good for frequently used cities.

          Barb, this is the first weather app I have paid for. Worth the money in my opinion, fast and no ads.

  2. First time using “XYZ Corp”’s insurance – $30 copay, ouch!

    • Barb says:

      I just switched to City of Atlanta BCBS insurance, I haven’t even looked at the co-pays.

  3. Barb says:

    Actually went to the Y last night – yippie, I used our membership.
    Since Allan has to work the Atlanta United game Wed. night – we get to do yard work tonight, before leaving for Iowa on Thursday.
    I may go watch the game with some friends at Hoyle’s – the local restaurant/bar that is an official AU bar.
    Since it is only a weekend, I don’t have to put all that much thought into packing.
    Weather isn’t looking too cold or too hot.

  4. Steve says:

    Your copay is only $5 more than mine, and I have the expensive insurance around these parts (FRB), so quityourbitchin.

    But I love STORM! They’ve been pinging me about “premium” so I may actually have to cough up some money. It is only a fancy version of the Weather Channel… I’ll look into Dark Sky as well. And speaking of dark sky- I was in the hot tub last night and had 2 tiny satellites going North to South at a high rate of speed as well as a great shooting star that was red and yellow and covered about 20 degrees of sky! I love living where I can see lots of stars.


    • Barb says:

      Stars? what are those? We can actually see some, but not a lot. And – we have too many trees to really see the sky.

      • Steve says:

        We can even see the Milky Way on moonless nights! And that shooting star was very cool.

    • I downloaded Storm’s replacement app and do not like it nearly as much, and find it unusable. With Storm I even manage to ignore the ads, so I never paid for it.

  5. ITP Lurker says:

    For those who care, there’s a second brood of ducklings in Old Fourth Ward Park. Happy to report that the first brood of five ducklings have made it to teenager maturity, and they were during teenagery things in the water this morning.

    And yeah, I second Steve’s quityerbitchin’ about your damn co-payment. Try having a spouse with a chronic health condition. Pre-Obamacare I could have paid cash each year for for a near-luxury level car. The only thing that kept it sustainable was getting half of the premiums I paid back on my income tax return. Health insurance for the self-employed has been an unending nightmare for several years. Plus, you’ve been at your job what a year, and you’re just now figuring out the co-payment? That’s a pretty good run at this age. Or else serious denial of health issues that could/should be addressed. 😉

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