Recovering from a hot weekend which included getting stung by a yellow jacket on Saturday’s Commie Hash trail.

June was an “okay” month, hoping July will be better.

June 2018

06/01 – ?, V, walking
06/02 – ?, V, hiking
06/03 – ?, V, hashing
06/04 – ?, V, hashing
06/05 – 205.4, V, jogging/walking (56:55, 4.3 miles)
06/06 – ?, M, nothing
06/07 – ?, V, lawn mowing
06/08 – ?, V, nothing
06/09 – ?, V, cycling
06/10 – ?, V, hashing
06/11 – ?, V, hashing
06/12 – 205.2, M, nothing
06/13 – ?, M, jogging/walking (57:30, 4.0 miles)
06/14 – ?, V, walking
06/15 – ?, V, nothing
06/16 – ?, V, lawn mowing, hashing
06/17 – ?, V, nothing
06/18 – ?, M, walking
06/19 – 206.0, V, nothing
06/20 – ?, M, walking
06/21 – ?, V, nothing
06/22 – ?, V, jogging/walking (58:14, 4.0 miles)
06/23 – ?, M, nothing
06/24 – ?, V, cycling/hashing
06/25 – ?, V, nothing
06/26 – 208.2, V, walking
06/27 – ?, M, nothing
06/28 – ?, V, nothing
06/29 – ?, V, walking
06/30 – ?, V, walking, hashing

Funny correlation between lack of exercise and weight gain. 🤔

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16 Responses to 2018-07-02

  1. Oh yeah, very pleased that my license plate sticker arrived in the mail on Friday.

    And even though tonight’s Moonlight trail is starting in another Paulie-approved hash start location, Edgewood Retail District, I am probably going to pass in order to let my strained back (not sure why…) recover, and to start packing for my trip on Thursday.

  2. Steve says:

    I have come to town prepared to hash this evening, but I will wait on the weather to decide.

    2 rides of 27 miles (different courses), one Friday evening and one yesterday morning. Friday felt good the whole way and yesterday, I knew I was going to suffer from the start when my stomach was growling not long after getting on.

    Cut up the fallen tree top from the previous week and still have to pick it all up. Really lucky, as had the wind been blowing a little differently, it could have put a really big dent in the man cave.

    Off tomorrow and planning to run “Painful Member”. Please make plans to attend.


  3. ITP Lurker says:

    I have a strategy you haven’t tried yet, rent one of those damn blue Relay bikes. With the humidity it truly felt like I was pedaling a bike underwater on Saturday. I so want to support the bike share community in Atlanta, and the community makes that so hard. The Relay bikes feel like a torture device. There are some new dockless bikes from Ofo around, but you can’t just pay for a ride on those, you have to subscribe for $25/month. No thank you, I don’t need a ride that often. I rode my bike to Midtown to get it tuned up and thought I could just bike share my way home and back.

    It took 3 attempts to get a Relay bike to work, the closest bike was only partly on the grid. I followed the app to the next station, and it led me to UNDERNEATH the bridge where the bikes were. I almost had a heat stroke getting the Relay bike home, and I think it took me 3 times as long as the route would have on my bike. Going back I tried unsuccessfully to find a Bird scooter on the other side of the park, but walking a mile to Six Feet Under scored me one. That got me back to my bike successfully.

    I saw Journey/Def Leppard last night at SunTrust Park. I was surprised that the Pretenders opened. Chrissy Hines hasn’t aged. Journey has though, mostly phoned in much of the show, but got it together toward the end. Def Leppard was phenomenal, as expected. That’s who I was really going to see. I wasn’t thrilled with SunTrust Park for baseball, and I was even less thrilled to visit it as a music venue.

    I’m glad my bike is tuned up, I should have gotten that done weeks ago.

    • Took a tour of “Baby Driver” filming locations on Saturday morning and thought that I’d finally cave to trying out a Bird (or one of the white ones) scooters. However I bailed on the tour before it took MARTA from Peachtree Center to North Ave, and walked back to the M6 which was parked in Fairfield-Poplar.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        I like the Bird scooters. I’ve rented one twice. The first rental is a pain because you have to enter your driver’s license details, but yesterday’s rental was easy once I actually located the scooter. They do chug a little on hills, I weigh about the same as you.

        When I ended the rental the app asked me to take a picture of where I left it to help the next person. That would have been a huge help for the scooter I couldn’t find near the park. I think someone stuck it on their porch to use for a return trip.

        Oh, given that I had to go between the Ofo, Relay, and Bird apps yesterday, I was thinking someone needs to create a “Find My Ride” app that just integrates all of these different modes of transport so one can easily find whatever is closest. I spent way too much time walking around yesterday to find wheels. Plus I decided I’d rather walk 4 miles back to the shop rather than rent one of those damn blue bikes again.

        Given my bike share woes Saturday, I was glad to have Bird set up as a secondary option.

    • Barb says:

      Lurker – I’m curious – beside the obvious location of Suntrust not being convenient for you- what don’t you like about that park?
      I don’t like baseball, and haven’t felt the need to spend the big bucks for a concert, so I really haven’t gotten over there much at all.
      I know the Parking Decks are horrible for leaving, but what else?

  4. ITP Lurker says:

    The whole complex feels soulless to me. Turner Field had a baseball vibe to it. SunTrust Park just feels like “give us all your money.” On parking, you can end up walking a mile or more because they’re mostly renting parking lots from office buildings. That is probably better than Turner Field’s wasteland of parking, but arrange some public transport. I refused to pay $12 for a craft beer last night. I had to draw a line on the fleecing somewhere. Gridlock is unavoidable getting to/from there, and the Cobb cops act like they’re under fire.

    Conversely Mercedes-Benz stadium has a completely different vibe to me.

    • bob says:

      You hit the nail on the head Lurker, I felt the exact same way when I was there.

      I always say the new stadium is fun but bring a wheelbarrow full of cash with you.

  5. Funny, watching Australian rugby and they mentioned games played in Denver last week. I thought “they can’t mean Colorado” and found a Denver in Australia using Google Maps. Then the announcers talked about a player taking batting practice with the Rockies at Coors Field. Lol

  6. ITP Lurker says:

    Today’s public service announcement, been there done that on Zunzi’s, the South African restaurant on Howell Mill with the motto “Shit, yeah”. I felt like “yeah, shit” when I walked out. $22 tab for one glorified chicken sub, 2 drinks, 2 chips. Would have been $30+ if we’d gotten two sandwiches. Most definitely not a $30 lunch. Or a $22 lunch for that matter.

    It’s one of those places where they try to cheerlead you into how much you should be enjoying the food. Back off already. No wonder they needed an edgy motto. Fooled me once.

    • Funny, I think I just put 2+2 together on something. The Urban Explorers group is doing a “Sammie Saturday” outing in August – to Zunzi’s. You may have just convinced me to not sign up.

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