Except for being stung on the back of my neck by a hornet at circle on Saturday Edmonton’s AGPU hash was a hoot. The hash had a pirate theme which was silly, trail was decent and I got soaked when I had to play a game on a plank of wood in the lake and fell off, and then I had to do a down-down for being an AGPU virgin.

This is a canola field we passed on the drive to AGPU.
If Not For The Reflection

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  1. Steve says:

    Although I read Friday’s blog, I never checked in. Turns out Sam did get finished with his jury duty and I had Friday off.

    I made a nice contribution to the Lowes to get started on the small side addition to the barn. I’ve hung the main header and poured a footing where I’ll attach a post.

    Saturday evening we went to the nicest restaurant in Newnan (don’t laugh). Knife and Stone is really top shelf and a wonderful meal with friends. Debbie had the scallops and I had the pork loin- both were excellent. The only downside is the place is noisy as hell. Perhaps it was the table of “frat boys”, but still.

    Yesterday’s tour stage was gripping, only from the standpoint of who was going to crash next. I believe it is completely unnecessary for a grand tour. So much random chance of crashing or getting caught behind a crash. And the most serious crash wasn’t even related to the cobbles. Go figure.

    And I hear there was a soccer match?


    • Steve, I keep forgetting to mention that Edmonton has a really nice velodrome. I stumbled upon it while walking last week.

      I barely know the TdF is happening since I can’t watch the coverage up here. I have heard of some of the crashes yesterday; perhaps I’ll catch up starting Wednesday.

      The hashers hosting AGPU put the game on tv yesterday morning (9 lam for us), but we left while it was being played so I saw none of that either.

      Off to my final Edmontonian breakfast for this trip. 8:30am MDT flight tomorrow may mean breakfast will be coffee and bagel at the airport. Weight loss returns to my life on Wednesday too. The only thing more difficult will be wanting to return to work…

  2. Barb says:

    Sounds like the hash campout was fun.

    Fairly busy weekend, but nothing exciting.
    Went to AH4 Saturday – very small crowd, only 3 of us did the whole trail, so Bonnie, Dawgy & I were FRBs & DFLs.
    It was hot & all road rage. But – got some exercise.

    Made some pesto Sunday, once you have all the ingredients, its super easy with a food processor.

    • Steve says:

      We thought of you as we watched the “Great British Baking Show” Saturday night. The challenge was a Beef Wellington- haven’t you tackled that? They said the secret was to cool your meat before wrapping it in the pastry.

    • I wanted to bring my phone to take photos on trail Saturday, but we were told that we may be swimming (we did not). I got soaked because I was forced to joust with swim noodles while standing on a 2×4 that was held above water by a couple of pieces of a tree trunk. Have I ever mentioned how poor my balance is? I went belly-flopping into the water in under fifteen seconds.

      It was Cock Tower’s first haring, so I am not surprised. He did warn people it would be a road rage…

      • Barb says:

        Pine Lake was in flowery Branch, and they only had 12 people, we had 10 total. I guess no one really wanted to hash Saturday.

  3. Stacy says:

    Had a low key weekend myself, which was good for my psyche and my pocketbook. Saturday did a little volunteering (stuffing backpacks for kids in need this upcoming school year) but then kind of just chilled out. Finished a book, started a new one, finished that one, started a new one. (lather rinse repeat?) Oh and there was much watching of the soccers too. But other than that, not much to report on.

    Do we know what AGPU means?

    • Sorry (look I’m Canadian!)… APGU is “Annual General Piss Up”, an overnight hash campout during which Edmonton H3 changes their mismanagement.

      I have a neat panorama of the post-hash circle which I will put on the blog when I can upload it to Flickr.

  4. Edmonton needs to up it’s breakfast game. Most breakfast places don’t open before 8am. The one place open was meh. Fun to have breakfast with Tamara before she went to work though.

    Skipping tonight’s hash. Somehow don’t think staying out drinking is a good idea if I have to be at the airport by 6:30am.

    With breakfast done I am headed out for my last walk in the ravine for this trip.

    • Barb says:

      in the ravine?

      • Back from a beautiful walk.

        There is a “ravine” here which has walking/cycling paths along it. The creek runs to the river along side which downtown Edmonton was built. I may have walked four/five miles, stopping to take some photos along the way.

  5. Just drank a delicious glass of cold milk. 😮

    Oh how I love milk in places that have great dairy lands. Sorry, southeast US, you don’t qualify as such in my book.

  6. Canada must be reconditioning me, I just turned a fan on in Tamara’s house because the temperature has reached 80°F outside (and rising) and 73°F inside here.

  7. Well, this sucks. I just tried to import the photos I took with my camera today and of the eight shots taken five are completely black and three incredibly blurry. I know I am a better photographer than this, so I think something is wrong with either the camera or memory card. 😡

  8. If you are looking for an Instant Pot Amazon has the model I have, the DUO 60, on sale today.

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