Late night shenanigans after the hash last night. A small group wandered over to Flatiron. Rumor has it that I lost at darts to Glory Mole; the photo proves it.

I Wasn’t The Winner

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 208.0 pounds (+0.2 from last week’s weigh-in), I was hoping for a better result.

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20 Responses to 2018-08-07

  1. The M6 is in for 50k mile service this morning so I am seated at Waffle House eating breakfast. I managed to order something that wasn’t essential a breakfast hamburger today. 🙂

    • Barb says:

      I was always told to do service at 15k intervals, is 50k the new 45 or the new 60?

      • Stacy Fox says:

        Service at 15K? Maybe for an oil change. Transmission, etc. mine is recommended at 50K.

      • I try to follow doing all recommended work on the recommended schedule, but let’s face it, I haven’t.

        Hennessy did themselves a disservice (see what I did there?) by not texting me their addition service recommendations until I was already back on the road headed to work.

  2. Steve says:

    Holy cow, already almost 10:30!! How time flies when the $hit hits the fan. Glad we caught it before it really got ugly.

    The first piece of metal is on the roof. Hopefully square and I can progress with the rest once Debbie gets home from… (wait for it) New Orleans!! How nice it would be to both be there at the same time! I want her home when I’m working on a very slippery metal roof, so at least she will be able to call 911 when I fall.

    Exercise needs to be a part of my day, but recently I just haven’t felt motivated (See Black Sheep this past Sunday). I’ve been sweating, but just not raising the heart rate.

    Apparently, Glory Mole got some skilz- your darting used to be passable, if I recall.


  3. Barb says:

    got a message about a bike repair that someone needs help with tonight.
    We just may have to eat some Tasty China on the deck.
    Last time I was there – it was good, but not great.
    We will see tonight – but some Dan Dan Noodles really sound good right now.

  4. Barb says:

    I went to Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch- I think it seems way too “healthy”, but it was tasty.
    lots of veggie options for you Paulie.

  5. Well it took me longer than it should have, but I finally broke the news to my coworker hat my name isn’t “Jeff”.

  6. Rain? Ugh. It wasn’t supposed to rain today and I was planning to mow my yard before sunrise tomorrow. ☹️

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