The M6 (finally) has a new car battery. “But you are OTP, right?” I can hear you think. Yes, but this is what happens when you take an already-weak battery and accidentally leave an interior dome light on until it kills the battery. AAA came through, and though probably more expensive than at an auto parts store, replaced the battery on the spot.

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  1. Steve says:

    That’s a pretty sure way to kill a battery. I was afraid I might be killing the battery in Debbie’s truck as I used it to finish off the roof on the new piece of the barn. I simply had the satellite playing while I worked, but it was fine.

    Saturday, I was the bush hog king on the trails at Bear Creek. They look so nice when freshly mowed. I might ride my bike over and inspect my work one day this week.

    After mowing, the hay man showed up (hey man!). Imagine a bundle of hay bales almost the size of my car. After unloading and stacking 2 bundles by hand, he said other folks just push the bundle off the trailer and shove it with their tractor. Duh. We even managed to flip them on edge so they take up less room. And the man cave now smells of sweet alfalfa.

    Sunday, we bought a storage cabinet for Debbie’s tack and saddles and I spent a couple hours assembling, unassembling, and reassembling! Aggravating.


    • Bonnie says:

      Butt Pipe told me yesterday there was no such thing as Bear Creek, guess he was wrong. (At Hog Mountain hash yesterday, I didn’t know there was a real Hog Mountain, and he added “but there’s no real Bear Creek!”) By the way, Hog Mountain’s 200th trail was a really fun day yesterday (except that none of you guys were there 😢).

  2. Still seated at the breakfast table in Raleigh. Should probably get my ass in gear so that I can be productive at home tonight.

  3. Barb says:

    what a crazy weekend in Iowa – 35th reunion was a blast.
    but I’ll have to type more later – as my backup person called in sick today, and I was out Friday – so I’m so confused!

  4. Debbie says:

    There is indeed a Bear Creek although I’ve never seen a bear. Glad to be back in the office to recover from our weekend, but man was it productive from my standpoint!

    My job has gotten really interesting lately. Lots of shenanigans with a new client. Good thing I like unraveling messes.

    Happy Monday!

  5. Bonus time! At Total Wine in Greenville buying some SC beers I overheard a woman speaking German on her phone.

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