It was a fairly uneventful drive home yesterday until I neared Lavonia and heard a boom from the trunk. I knew immediately that I just experienced what Bonnie had described happening to her a few months ago.

I Really Wanted To Try It
This was one of the beers that I bought in Greenville. I only bought this beer as a single, so I will have to wait for a future SC trip to taste it.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.0 pounds. 😭 (+4.0 from last week’s weigh in) 😭😭; more like “Tuesday Whale of the Tape” this week. 😭😭😭

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Mine was a single too, but I had purchased two so I had a backup 😏. You are not a whale, you were on vacation for fucks sake, you’re *supposed* to gain weight. That just means you had a great time with your friends 🙂.

  2. Steve says:

    I have heard of tires exploding in cars, but never beer!! I think the tires were in the sun in a hatchback on a hot day.

    Grass cutting and a run last night. I drove in yesterday, expecting a meeting last evening, which never materialized.

    Games meeting tonight and root canal tomorrow!! My tooth occasionally lets me know it’s ready and I about jump out of my seat!


    • And now you have heard of two this year!

      I’m still trying to decide whether my latest crown is 100% right, which obviously means that it is not. ☹️

      • Bonnie says:

        Oh no…. See my dental trials below… It may be worth a trip to the dentist to avoid potential further issues…

    • Bonnie says:

      Steve, I have had at least two beer-exploding-in-cars incidents (cans and bottles), and both times they were inside the car, with the A/C on, not in the sun. Weird. Hope your root canal cures your issues. I’ve tried to get a permanent crown twice now, the first time the crown was molded wrong and didn’t fit correctly; then yesterday when I arrived they found that someone forgot to hit “send” to send the new image to the lab so therefore it wasn’t on the premesis. Grrrr. I had hoped to get the permanent crown before I left for vacation this week so the temporary doesn’t inconveniently fall out while I’m out of state. I am no stranger to dental work, sadly. Like Paulie, my parents did not gift me with good dental genes (no offense Paulie, your words). 🙂

  3. Barb says:

    I’ve never had a beer explode………. we had some in checked bags on an airplane, I was wondering if it could happen.
    BTW – my luggage was inspected by the TSA, but my brats were NOT confiscated.
    So – I have Iowa skinless brats – beer & bacon cheddar versions – in my freezer! we may have some frozen jalapeno cheddar ones still from our May trip as well.

    If Allan ever heard about the provisional captain assignments – we will be having a party. Damn AFR – they just start rumors and get everyone’s hopes up that some changes will be made. List was “suppose” to come out last Friday.

  4. Steve says:

    I had a problem under a bridge. my regular dentist pulled the bridge (not an easy task), took some pictures and recommended a RC. Debbie has an old HS classmate who specializes in RC in Lagrange, so I see him tomorrow. And the temporary bridge my guy gave me came off on Saturday at dinner. I left it in the living room (I know) and one of the dogs (bet I know which one) decided it was a treat. I don’t want it back.

  5. Barb says:

    Also- if you’ve been following the Big Creek saga – Roswell took it off last night’s agenda – I guess they figured out not to do things below the radar – their residents do not like that. We didn’t make the meeting, but TONS of folks did – just to show we aren’t giving up, even if it wouldn’t be discussed last night.
    Someone (I don’t think it was any of the Hooligans) brought it up when there was a chance for people to speak, and was escorted out by a cop.

    • My ITP mentality means that I have no idea what the Big Creek saga is. Will Google…

    • Steve says:

      I like the fact the Krause family “got it”, whether the CoR did or not. You KNOW this would not have happened on former mayor Jere Wood’s watch (whose hash name is “Four More Beers”).

    • bob says:

      I’m back from Vegas and tired as hell. It’s fun out there but only for a day or so.

      Went to the city hall meeting last night, there were 350+ people wearing red shirts even though we were not allowed to speak. Standing room only in the meeting, pretty cool. The guy who was kicked out was commenting on millage rates and said something like we can’t trust you to be stewards with our money judging on how you handled the big creek deal. Mayor freaked out, threw a tantrum, tossed the guy out then took a 15 minute recess. There is video of the whole thing, pretty funny to see the tantrum. I think she has sealed her fate as a one term mayor.

      Also, from what I understand an active park has programs like baseball, tennis, summer camps, etc. Passive parks are more like green spaces.

      I have a lot of emotion in that park, Travis and I ride, Laura runs. We walked the park often when Laura was pregnant. Hell, I buried some of my dogs ashes in the park too. Been going there for over 10 years and really want to keep it around.

  6. Barb, it appears that Sunday’s BS is up in your neck of the woods.

    Publix Supermarkets Corporate Office
    2600 Delk Rd SE, Marietta

    • Barb says:

      and – rumor is – there may be 3 beer stops (instead of 3 beer nears).
      No idea if they really will do that, but I told them my house was available if they want to do it.

      • Bonnie says:

        Boo hoo, I will miss BS 😥😥.

        • And I will probably have to sit on the ice again because o this… 😂

          • Bonnie says:

            Hope so 😂. No one ever tries to get me on the ice or into circle. Except Sunday C*ckpit tried to get me for a rule 6 (not getting into the water / swimming when we were told it was a water ending) but it was ruled a false accusation. So no down downs for me! I expected to be a too long, but nope.

  7. Hey Ham with Cam,

    If you happen to read this, do you know what the “benefit” of restriping Dekalb Av near Decatur is? In my not-so-humble opinion it has created quite the clusterfuck.

    It is no secret that I have not been a fan of most of the decisions made by the Georgia DOT in the past fifteen years.

  8. HamWithCam says:

    Did I hear my name?

    Regarding: ” the “benefit” of restriping Dekalb Av near Decatur is…”

    My understanding they are going from the longtime “reversible two lanes out in the morning, 2 lanes in for the evening” to a permanent three lanes, with a center turn lane.

    To wit:
    “…the city announced it was getting rid of the reversible lane that runs down the center of DeKalb Avenue. On many sections of the road from Jackson Street to Rocky Ford Road, the lane will be replaced by center turn lanes in both directions.”

    Personally, I think the changes will push more traffic onto side streets like McLendon (which runs parallel to Dekalb Avenue) and maybe even Ponce de Leon Avenue.

    We occasionally go to the shopping center on Caroline Street off Moreland Avenue (Five Guys, Figo Pasta, Target, Lowe’s, etc.), but we have alternatives to Dekalb Avenue at rush hour.

    In other news:
    – I’ve been playing around printing the “Liberator” pistol on my 3D printer. No, I have no intentions of actually firing it. Yes, I think it would actually fire a .22 Short round.
    – I pulled the trigger (pun intended) and replaced my dying Dell 27″ monitor with a Dell 28″ 4K I found on special ($299 direct from Dell).
    – I have fallen in love (not literally) with the $25 “WYSE Cam” security cameras. Cheap, high-res, motion detection, relatively clean iPhone APP, free 14 day Cloud storage for events, super easy set-up, etc. Love them. Did I mention they were only…$25?

    That’s most of the news from the City of Decatur.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • Thanks. Do you know about the section of Howard between Thinking Man and Decatur High too?

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Hey stranger! I sent up a HWC flare recently in the form of a comment that repeated the words “OK Cafe” probably 50 times. I figure if that didn’t get your attention, nothing would. Apparently DeKalb Avenue is more near and dear to your heart than OK Cafe? 😉

      • HamWithCam says:

        The “section of Howard between Thinking Man and Decatur High” will stay as is, best I can tell.

        I’ll ask around.

        I must have missed the OK Cafe references. 🙂
        Or maybe I was distracted by other attentions?
        (A table for 5-6, in the Money Tree Room) would be a perfect venue for your coming out.)


        • ITP Lurker says:

          That could work. Definitely an approachable venue.

        • Barb says:

          hey John!

          My street – Powers Ferry Rd is a 3 lane street with the center turn lane, Most of the time it works, every once is a while, some idiot decided to pass using that turn lane, but luckily it has only cause accidents a few times.

          I could manage a OK Café lunch outing……….

        • What’s everyone’s availability next week? I can do OK Cafe any day.

          • ITP Lurker says:

            Um, if ya’ll are gonna hold me to this, OK, I’m available Thursday, August 23, Thursday, August 30, or Thursday, September 6. I teach a lot of webinars, and those are the days that I’m not teaching at lunchtime over the next couple of weeks.

            I did say earlier in the year that I’d be prepared for a lunch by August. I’m ready.

          • Bonnie says:

            Lurker Luncheon: I know I’m new here, but I would love to come too (I’ve been an avid reader so I feel like I haven’t really missed anything :)). 30th is best for me, 23rd prob can’t do as I think I’m going to volunteer with Davey at the food bank, 6th don’t know yet.

  9. HamWithCam says:

    …look what I just did!

    • Barb says:

      let me know how that gun works, Allan is very curious. Not that he’s ever spend the money on a 3D printer, he’s just fascinated by the idea of what you can print.

  10. HamWithCam says:

    I never intend to test fire it. It was really just a two part-proof-of-concept:
    – Can I get a hold of the 3D models for the “Liberator” pistol (turns out they have been around for….5 years)?
    – Can I use the models to print decent (and working) gun on an off-the-shelf 3D printer?

    More details than you probably wanted to know:
    Downloading the models was easy — they are literally everywhere. Everywhere with the exception of Cody Wilson’s site (a court order made him take his site down).

    The Liberator pistol consists of 16 parts (frame, barrel, trigger, hammer, springs, handle, etc), which you print individually and at…80% fill. Everything is PLA plastic except the firing pin which is a repurposed common roofing nail. Some people use metal for the through-pins, rather than plastic.

    The “frame” is the largest component and takes 6+hours to print. While not especially complicated, the shape doesn’t lend itself to being printed flat, so “supports” have to be used, to fill open spaces between the print bed and printed object (or the hot plastic…sags.).

    I had major problems separating the support structure from the finished frame and, being impatient by nature, rushed and wound up damaging the frame when I removed the structure material. Oops. There goes 6+ hours.

    So, rather than waste another 6+ hours, I decided to go a different route and print the whole thing 60% scale. And only 15% fill. I mean, I had no intention of test firing it anyway.

    That worked way better and was way faster. After a little sanding and test fitting, I got most of it together. Most of it.

    (If I knew how to display a photo here, I’d share a few shots…)

    If we wind up doing an OK Cafe lunch meet-up, I’ll bring what I have and a few other “interesting” 3D printed items for a very brief show and tell.

    Regarding 3D printed firearms:
    “The genie is out of the bottle…”

    But almost anybody has been able to make a crude, but functional firearm in their basement using simply handtools and has been able to for years.

    Here’s a random Youtube video showing a 3D printed Liberator pistol:

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    BTW: A less expensive version of my printer is available for less than $200:

  11. HamWithCam says:

    (Note: a post of mine, with URL links may be pending approval….)

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