With a clean bill of health regarding my colon it’s time to move on to start fixing the many other issues in my life. I’m starting small today by visiting the Waschsalon.

I thanked her in person yesterday but want to do so publicly, “Thanks for driving my and allaying my fears Bonnie”. And thanks to you, gentle reader, for being a friend of mine.

As hash haring often goes, last night’s Monday night trail used one of the three areas that Bonnie and I are considering for her virgin lay on Monday, November 5th. Yes, it will be Guy Fawkes Night, a night to remember!

Back to doing my laundry…

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 204.8 pounds (-1.8 from last week’s weigh-in); thanks colonoscopy prep!

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13 Responses to 2018-10-16

  1. barb says:

    Allan night have found a new motorcycle to buy- he’s going to meet a guy in Canton this afternoon. I guess his near death experience from the accident this past Spring has worn off. Looks like a nice bike, we will see if he comes home with it -he’s dragging his Dad along so he can ride it home if he buys it.

  2. Bonnie says:

    You’re welcome… anytime, neighbor 🙂. Who knew yesterday was going to actually be fun. Stopping off to walk around the Monestery of the Holy Spirit was a great idea (my first time), followed by a celebratory dinner of veggie corn dogs, fries and boiled peanuts at Midway 🙌🏻. And then, my ever-gracious friend treated me to a couple beers at his place. Hey, does anyone else need a driver anytime soon??? 😉😂. (Oops, did I just hikack your blog, Paulie?)

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