It’s been a tough restaurant week for me. Last night I had my heart set on eating some salad and pizza only to find Slice closed for a private party. Finding a suitable vegetarian meal downtown was rather difficult for me, and I wound up settling for a veggie burger at Landmark Diner. Meh. It was fine, but not what I was craving.

The play was good, if not somewhat predictable. Oddly, the theater was only about half-filled. Pity.

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  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Is Herban Fix (http://herbanfix.com/) on your radar? It’s a vegan restaurant that some of my friends rave about.

    • It is, but the food is pricey. Long-lost Stacy posted some incredible photos of the food she ate there on Instagram.

      Perhaps on a special occasion I’ll treat myself.

  2. Black Sheep start posted:
    3465 GA-138, Stockbridge, GA 30281
    (my link is correct 😉)

  3. Steve says:

    Drove in today, as I’m off to Nashville around lunchtime (Barb??).

    Finally some exercise last night- I literally had to dust the cobwebs off my roadbike before getting it on the trainer (sad). And I swear I just put a battery in the HRM a couple weeks ago and I got diddly out of it last night. Oh well.

    Maybe it isn’t raining between here and Nashville?? Guess I could check the radar.


  4. Ate too much for lunch. Bad Paulie!

    • barb says:

      me too!
      But- its Steve’s fault – he got there before me & ordered both onion rings & French fries – on top of the burgers!
      hopefully I’ll remember this big lunch and not eat too much this evening.

    • I will be eating dinner at home before going out to Masquerade. I am going to try and be very good with dinner.

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