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Have eaten twice at a Tasty-China-like restaurant called “Yummy Spicy Gourmet” on Buford Highway. It serves really good food, not as inexpensive however. Found out that Tasty China now has an ITP location on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. So much Szechuan…

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  1. Barb says:

    Really, really wanted to bail on spin class last night, HoPo did too, so we guilt tripped each other into going. And I made Allan go too.
    It was a good to sweat, I just wasn’t in the mood.

    Got my reservation finally at this little place in Cedar Key for a February getaway. Mango & Kat stayed there last year, and we are going with them this year. You can only call for a reservation, and I kept getting a fax machine. So, sent them an email. She called me back, saying oops on the fax line, so forgot to turn it back to the phone.
    This place has 5 rooms and 9 camper spots, and is adults only. They charge your credit card immediately – you can cancel, but there is no refund, you have to rebook within a year. I think they have 1 or 2 rooms left, and maybe 1 camper site, if anyone else wants to join us. 2/12-2/15 (then on to Santos to watch mtn bikers race & ride some other trails not near the race course)
    Should be an interesting place.

  2. Steve says:

    Barb, that sounds interesting. We’ll be down in St. Pete for a gig with the watermelon folks in early January- just after I get back from the NTC meeting in COS.

    A short ride on the trainer last night. My heart rate monitor is acting up again. I put a new battery in and still got nothing. I think my heart is still beating.

    The other new laptop got online yesterday. I’m still in the process of loading software, but it’s working so far.


    • Barb says:

      Steve – your bike is all torn apart right now – Allan has to wait for some parts to come in. you will find this funny – Mary told me TJ thought CX Nationals were in January, then he realized it was this week. He has to scramble to get his stuff together to get to wherever it is – in Kentucky?

      • Steve says:

        They started yesterday in Louisville. Too funny.

        I’m guessing they are using the same course they used for Worlds a couple years ago- right along the Ohio River. If you recall, they were going to run the Pros at worlds over Saturday and Sunday and the river was coming up quick, so they compressed it into 1 day- good thing too, because half the course was under water by Sunday morning.

  3. Barb says:

    Is it called Tasty China is Sandy Springs?
    and- “Yummy Spicy Gourmet” – what a name………….

  4. HamWithCam says:

    Good morning…

    HamWithCam’s High Museum “Infinity Mirrors” review:

    – Underwhelming, mostly a series of “clever parlor tricks”.
    – I loved the “20 seconds per room” strict time limit (our tickets were 10:00am, so I was still able to view rooms multiple times easily.
    – Wha?! High Museum members have to pay extra?!


    “Since my childhood, I have always made works with polka dots. Earth, moon, sun and human beings all represent dots; a single particle among billions.” – Yayoi Kusama

    Uh huh…..

    Art lovers:


    Disclaimer: As Paulie can attest, I love the High Museum, really. Perfect light, perfect composition, or used to be. The new layout/relocation of the permanent collection makes me suspect it’s the results of some intern’s summer project.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Thanks for posting a picture. Yeow, that one picture is over-stimulating to me. You’ve relieved me of any FOMO I was harboring. The fact is I easily get overwhelmed in museums anyway. The outdoors works much , much better for me.

      Separately, if you listen to podcasts, this article tells the tale of what it’s like to use every brand you’ve ever heard advertised on a podcast–all at once:


    • Sorry for the moderation delay, I was driving.

      My take is along yours. I tried to get a photo in that exhibit, but failed.

      Can you still jump that high? 🙂

    • Steve says:

      I’ve never really been impressed with the High. I always find their shows poorly lit- maybe they do that intentionally to protect the art- and I’m unable to see the subjects well. (and my eyesight is fine, while my hearing sucks, TYVM). As always, love you picture HwC. Was the other picture a meeting of the AV club?

    • Bonnie says:

      Agree. While I suspect I enjoyed it more than you did HWC, it did not quite live up to the hype. But I’m very glad I saw it and I did enjoy it.

  5. Stacy Fox says:

    They’ve had an ITP location for a while now. https://www.jiaatlanta.com/

  6. Steve says:

    And Barb, do you know where Cheddarhead is ending??

  7. Just literally bit my tongue. Dangen it hurts! 😵

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