Interesting weekend filled with beer drinking at Eventide Brewery for their 5th anniversary party on Saturday, and then a Black Sheep hash that was interrupted by a none-too-pleased landowner yesterday.

Unfortunately my dental situation has not gotten magically better, nor has it gotten disastrously worse, so I think that I will be having a conversation with my dentist this week.

Hope your weekend was fun.

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2 Responses to 2019-01-07

  1. Steve says:

    Work all weekend long with the NTC, but damn, we do laugh sometimes. Back home at midnight last night.

    On the agenda today is housecleaning and errands. Maybe some exercise.


  2. Barb says:

    not a bad weekend –
    Saturday went & made the decision on the Wolf Range & the vent hood. We don’t have to actually order yet – they are built in WI, and are popular enough, it won’t be a problem getting it. They do have a price hike April 1, so we will be ordering sooner than later.
    Went to a re-gifting party – I am happy that my gifts were a hit (& stolen, who knew a lava lamp was going to be popular?) – and we ended up with ok stuff as well.

    Sunday I went hiking with JoAnna & Carol (aka WineHo) at Red Top. Gorgeous day, which meant way too many people out there, but that’s ok.

    My sister & brother were visiting the parents in IA, so my phone was busy with stupid texts & pictures of what all they were doing. I need to find a weekend to head up there again soon. MY Dad isn’t “sick” but he seems to have so many different issues these days, I just feel like he will get to 89 in April, but I’m not sure about 90.

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