Made the best of yesterday by working from home after the tire incident. By doing so and not having a commute I was also able to cook my lunch — tomato soup, get in an hour on the trainer, and cook my dinner — a modified version of a chicken curry in which I used tofu, sweet potato, and butternut squash instead of chicken. You are correct if you thought “Paulie must be using up odds and ends in his pantry and refrigerator“. Both meals were interesting and unique tasting; I have no regrets with either.

Today I’m off to the Waschsalon, office, and later meeting some friends at Benchwarmers for a couple of beers.

With the exception of a birthday party tomorrow night this weekend might find me staying at home a lot. I feel like I need to get some rest and do some organizing and cleaning.

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8 Responses to 2019-01-25

  1. Steve says:

    Debbie arrived home about 7 last night. Whipped after a long day of travel.

    I need to exercise as well as get my scooter out. Hoping for a bit more warmth before doing either.

    Thinking about M&J’s tonight, and maybe the pre-lube at Fontains.


  2. barb says:

    long day yesterday – its getting closer to the end of the month, so business is picking up for some shippers. Left here at 1pm to go to Sleaze Puppy’s funeral – it was a nice ceremony, would have been nice to get to speak to her parents, but they left quickly to the cemetery (and I didn’t really want to do that). The hashers met up & had a beer at the bar next door to the Temple.
    Then got home & went to dinner with some Parrotheads.
    Tonight is a gathering at Moes & Joes for the “official hasher farewell” to Sleaze.

  3. Barb says:

    Allan finally got the official AFR word on the bike team for SuperBowl. He gets to work 10am-10pm EVERYDAY starting Saturday.
    No idea exactly what they are doing, where they are patrolling, but damn that will be some serious OT on the next paycheck.

    • While at the Waschsalon I heard on the news that the Atlanta Fire Department was going to have a bike patrol at the airport. Perhaps there?

      My mystery ailment today is a hurting right toe. I have clipped the nail and dug around trying to rid the toe of dirt acquired hashing, so I may have aggravated it?

  4. You know, after calling it “Philips Arena” for so long I just can’t get used to hearing “State Farm Arena”. #oldman #getoffmylawn

  5. barb says:

    good times at the dentist- I get to go back on Tuesday for a filling,

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