On Friday I found out that Performance Bicycle is going out of business. Out of curiosity I stopped in yesterday to see what they have left. Being well stocked with most things cycling, especially since I did so little of it last year, I didn’t need much. Somehow I did manage to spend nearly $55 on “essentials” such as road tubes, CO2 cartridges, gloves, and what not.

I have been putting time in on the bike trainer however, riding for an hour each day Saturday and Sunday. Maybe this week I will put the new “sweat catcher” that I bought yesterday on the rig.

Last night I performed an Instant Pot experiment. I was going to attempt a “pot in pot” (Google it) recipe for lasagna, but discovered a bag of cheese-filled ravioli in the freezer along with a bag of meatless meatballs so I decided to try a “pasta bake”.

Sunday Night Instant Pot Experiment - ‘Pasta Bake’ (Ingredients)

Sunday Night Instant Pot Experiment - ‘Pasta Bake’ (Result)

The meal was good, once I figured out that I wasn’t going to fit all of the ingredients into the selected cooking vessel and that it needed much longer to cook thoroughly than I initially estimated.

And now for something completely different: this blog has revealed that I bought my current refrigerator on January 7, 2005. Whoa.

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17 Responses to 2019-01-28

  1. Clearly my street is the answer to a “fastest route” problem today. In fewer than five minutes I counted sixteen cars using my seemingly-off-route street.

  2. Steve says:

    Anyone I don’t recognize on my street is clearly lost.

    A nice scooter ride Saturday. I managed to get my Hearphones inside my helmet, which made for an enjoyable ride- providing audio and blocking noise. Not sure I can use them for a phone call when riding, but might try it.

    A nice birthday dinner for a fox hunting friend Saturday evening. We sat “outside” under a infrared heater which had only 2 settings- freezing cold or broil. Other than that, a very nice meal. Palmers in Peachtree City.

    Chores Sunday. I attempted to burn a brush pile. Sadly, without a lot more accelerant than I was willing to use, only the small stuff would catch. If the horses will leave a tarp alone, I’ll cover it and let it dry up before attempting again.

    Blizzard lottery, anyone? I say zero.


  3. Commute this morning was nearly 45 minutes long. Ugh. Not blaming Super Bowl traffic, but rather traffic in general.

    • Steve says:

      MARTA is Smarta.

      Speaking of rapid transit, it would appear the problems at the airport have been solved. At least the normal schedule appeared to be in effect and the normal number of folks were on the platform.

  4. barb says:

    Allan started his ALL DAY shifts being a mobile medic Saturday (over all, very boring).

    I keep too busy all day Saturday with a celebration of life day for our Parrothead fronds Ann. After the memorial service at a church, then The Wing, a few folks came over to my house. Finally got rid of everyone about 11pm. LONG DAY – but a good time was had by all.

    Sunday my houseguests left about 10-1030, so went to assist Davey, Sani, Deposit & ACF on a little trash cleanup near Town Center mall. Found plenty of trash to pickup. Then went for a late lunch & had something called pork Poutine – regular poutine (with real cheese curds) with some pulled pork on top. Quite tasty I do have to say.

    • Pork poutine sounds delicious… 😋

      Post-SuperBowl I need to schedule some road bike maintenance. I want to be road ready to get some mileage in before STU.

    • Steve says:

      Barb, is he back at the airport, or just where?

    • Stacy Fox says:

      I had planned to go, Barb, but I let myself sleep in and didn’t get up until 9am. Glorious! But just not in time to get moving and all the way up OTP where y’all were. Thanks to you all for doing that.

      I went to a memorial service/celebration of life myself on Sat. So much sadness lately.

      I don’t think we’re going to get any snow at all. 🙁 Boo! I’m hoping I’ll be proven wrong and tomorrow it will. From the looks of reports now, this weekend is supposed to be really really nice again (50s…60s?!). I hope so for the SB folks.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Hey, at least traffic will be light tomorrow, as Atlanta City Schools have preemptively cancelled classes. I assume everyone is stocked up on bread and milk. Probably too late now if you haven’t. 😉 😉 😉

        • Stacy Fox says:

          Going to try to hit the store on the way home, just for shits and giggles. We’ll see by the parking lot.

  5. Barb says:

    Allan is just riding around downtown somewhere.
    They are trying to get “assigned” to Buckhead for the end of the weekend – easier to hang out at Lenox & hide some.

  6. Moonlite hash is at Sage Hill tonight. I’m going to skip in order to pick up my purchases at the Amazon Store, driving there or perhaps walking, and then head home to get some exercise and do German homework instead.

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