I slept so hard last night that I don’t even recall turning off my alarm this morning. Good thing I only overslept for thirty minutes.

Made a delicious massamman curry last night, though I did have a couple of difficulties. First, I apparently did a poor job scraping bits off the bottom of Betsy’s Instant Pot and received the ‘burn’ notice for the first time. Second, I apparently didn’t wash my hands well enough after cutting a dried Thai chili pepper, and before going to pee. Yeow!

Root canal morning. 😢

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6 Responses to 2019-02-07

  1. Since I am unsure as to when, and if I will want to, eat again I have allowed myself to eat a substantial breakfast. But did I really just eat a vegetarian egg white omelette with pancakes at IHOP in Marietta? Huh.

    Why Marietta? Because I needed to ensure that I could beat/handle Connector traffic on my way to the Root Canal Place in Marietta; appointment is at 9:30.

    • barb says:

      I decided to cancel my root canal, my tooth isn’t hurting anymore and I really don’t have time this week.
      I’ve only been to that IHOP once, and was VERY underwhelmed by the service, let me know how it went.

      Coming back to work was hell yesterday – and I’m off Tues-Friday next week for real vacation – so I have TONS to do & not enough hours to do it.

  2. Steve says:

    Nice dinner last night at Dragonfly in Doral. Delicious slab of mackerel, grilled and really tasty. Then stopped by the place we’ve been going to lunch and picked up dessert. Tiramisu. Um, um, good!

    Flight home at 6 tonight, then tomorrow I’m back at Emory so they can study my brain!! Or at least take some pictures. What. Fun.


  3. Job done, now it’s recovery time.

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