Well, that was a weekend that went by in a blink of an eye.

Apple frustrated me at work on Friday, though I did manage to lumber around East Atlanta for 35 minutes after getting home later than desired because traffic convinced me to have “dinner” and beer at Tin Lizzy’s.

Saturday was AH4 2000, which was a lot less of a party than I expected; I guess we have all gotten old. My excuse was that I was mowing lawns by 7:00am because Apple deprived me of the opportunity to get that task done on Friday.

Yesterday I met my buddy Hank for our annual GA Tech baseball game; Tech won 14-1, or something like that.

Before I knew it my alarm clock was blasting me awake at 5:15 this morning.

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  1. Steve says:

    Wow… AH4 2000 wasn’t a blowout?

    Racing both days whipped my ass. Just being on my feet for the better part of 10 hours each day more than anything. As this was the end of Speedweek, the pro fields were the biggest of the day. Courses had some real challenges and looked like big fun.

    Ran into an old friend who I had last seen at Tour of California. He asked for my email as he had pictures of me working the race- stay tuned.

    Glad to be in the office to recover.


    • SOB had an on-after at The Bullpen offering free (leftover) beer to anyone who showed up. When was the last time you heard the hash not finishing all of the beer?

      • Steve says:

        Geez… and I saw a picture that made me cry- I don’t know the guy, but he was wearing Condo’s chefs coat. 🙁

        • Barb says:

          well – the Bullpen didn’t do a great job of keeping the pitchers filled, so it was at times tough to get a beer.
          And- the hash had some coolers out front with canned beer, and it was PBR, and you know how some hashers love their PBR.

          I think having 3 beer stops also contributed to the leftover beer – we have all gotten old (and smarter) so there is a whole lot less of crazy drunkenness.

      • I think that is the owner of The Bullpen. If I heard correctly his name is “Andrew Condon” or something similar.

        • Steve says:

          Oh… I just thought it was someone trying to bring Condo to the 2000th. My bad.

          • Stacy Fox says:

            Steve – the hash actually presented him with a Condo chef jacket in circle. It was really quite a nice moment.

  2. Also, I ate a “real” hotdog at the baseball game. I really can’t tell much difference between a cheap “real” hotdog and a veggie dog.

  3. Barb says:

    I’ve been on a pork butt diet this weekend –
    Friday night went to a friends house – he smoked a butt.
    Saturday the hash ends a a bbq place.
    We smoked a pork butt at our house yesterday.

    Got the fridge moved to the garage, tomorrow & Wednesday Allan will be removing the last of the old kitchen. (I just have a few more thing left to box up) Plumber will hopefully be able to start beginning of next week.
    Its getting real……….

    AH4 2000th was fun, good to see so many old friends.

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