I think everyone in Atlanta ate hot dogs on Monday because yesterday I bought the only package of Martin’s Potato Hot Dog Buns to be found in two different Krogers.

Also, yesterday I found the best use for leftover PBRs, cooking Hebrew National all-beef hot dogs in them, just like we did in the 1970s.
Obviously yesterday turned out to be another meat day.

In doing some quick financial analysis I find that I make an incredible number of trips to Kroger, each time spending $25-$100. And, not because I buy alcohol during each visit, real food has gotten that expensive. Of course Kroger isn’t charging $8/beer, so it’s got that going for it.

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  1. Quick health follow up:
    – wrist: seems okay
    – left eye: seems to be improving slowly
    – left forearm: definitely something itchy happening, perhaps poison ivy, perhaps some other allergic reaction
    – weight: still too high because of my inability to lower my caloric intake and increase my exercise

  2. Barb says:

    Standing in the slow moving TSA precheck line. It’s about as long as the regular line.
    But, I’ve got plenty of time to waste.
    Kitchen Ceiling is up, maybe our AC is just over worked with no ceiling for a week. aC tech coming out tomorrow. We need to put the insulation back too, but we need to get the new lighting in.
    Allan is hoping to get the floor tiled while I’m in IA/WI.
    How can he do it without me???

    • Have we reached the tipping point where do many people have Pre-Check that it’s no longer a benefit?

      FYI, the blog has been slow for me today. Of course I have no idea what’s going on with it.

  3. Steve says:

    Safe travels, Barb. Surprised the line is the same, but all bets are off in a holiday week. I don’t think we’re to the tipping point yet, but I think we’re getting closer- the advantages still outweigh not having it.

    A quiet evening last night, except when a neighbors dog went through the back yard. The dogs launched into Def Con 1 and stayed there for a good 10 minutes. As we watched the shenanigans and tried to calm everyone down, Lola took the opportunity to double check the trash can didn’t have anything worthwhile! (it was funny last night- maybe you had to be there).

    Debbie’s pick last night was “Pretty Little Liars”- we managed about 15 minutes before we both blew the whistles and moved on. Then “New Amsterdam”- we like medical shows but this seemed a bit heavy on the drama. We’ll see.

    Anyone watch “Queen of the South”?


    • Barb says:

      I watch New Amsterdam, it’s ok, lots of drama.
      Allan won’t watch any of those types of shows, since they are so unrealistic.

      Precheck is worth it for the scanner part, no taking your shoes off, taking crap
      Out of your bags, etc. That part is WAY faster.
      Line moves a lot faster too, TSA guy just looks at your ID & you move right they.
      I’m considering Clear now, the. You don’t even get your drivers license out.

    • I watch very little these days.

      My current viewing habits consist of sports, “Amazing Race”, and a show on Netflix called “Still Game”. Sometimes I sprinkle in “Top Chef”, and “Great British Bake Off” rewatches.

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