One of the worst attempts at “running” occurred yesterday as I almost literally staggered around a 3.25 mile loop. Not pretty.

Also staggering to me is the vast percentage difference between what a bank pays out in interest, and what it collects as fees.

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  1. Steve says:

    I shoulda, I woulda, I coulda, but I didn’t. Debbie came home and wasn’t feeling well, so I took care of the ponies. No more than 5 minutes after letting them loose, it started raining. Only for a few minutes, but still… they ARE delicate flowers.

    Finally starting work on upgrading cameras here. Was on a tour of the building with the contractor and was about to go out on the roof. We opened the door and what do you know- it was pouring! Save that part of the tour for later.

    Paulie, did you know there was a gas leak up your way yesterday?


  2. ITP Lurker says:

    To the anonymous government worker that decided to issue a Radiation Emergency Alert System test this morning after we wrapped up watching Chernobyl on HBO: Well played, motherfucker.

    • Ha! Not being a HBO subscriber I just thought the test was just another annoyance from our government.

      I am also glad that I wasn’t asleep when this test occurred.

    • Steve says:

      That is a sick (but funny) MF right there.

      I went out the back door at lunch for a walk and saw a news copter circling up that way, so knew something was up.

    • I wonder if the Emergency Broadcast System was hacked because it sounds exactly like what a hacker would do.

    • Stacy says:

      Heehee – Lurker, you should have seen us all in the office. A bunch of “wth does that mean?” Had never seen one for radiation before. I guess we needed to test it though considering whose finger is on the launch buttons these days.

    • Bonnie says:

      Lurker—OMG I just finished Chernobyl last night, and had the same thoughts going through my head this morning!!! Perhaps they should START the message with “this is a test”…

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Bonnie, did they really have to press AZ-5 this morning? 😉 Couldn’t they have hit the tornado button or something instead if they needed to “test” the system?

        Seriously. Chernobyl is completely worth signing up for HBO for a month through Amazon to watch. And the new season of Big Little Lies with Meryl Streep is off the rails good as well.

        • Bonnie says:

          Word. I use my friend’s HBO login, for now, but I have a feeling it will be cutting off soon… I read the book “Big Little Lies” and it was good but not great, I rated it 3/5 stars. I haven’t felt compelled to take the time to watch the series.

        • Barb says:

          I really want to watch Big Little Lies – I may have to get HBO now……..

          • ITP Lurker says:

            It’s *SO* good, Barb. I loved Season 1, but Season 2 takes things to new levels.

            I picked up the book in a Little Free Library but I haven’t started it. Based on Bonnie’s opinion, this could be a case where the TV show is better than the book. I’m so used to reading on my phone that I have a hard time engaging with paper books any more. But maybe I’ll still give it a try.

  3. Barb says:

    I had high hopes to get out & exercise last night, but got home & Allan was working on crown molding & other molding, I “helped, i.e. watched” and we discussed countertops, backsplash etc – and eventually, never got outside.
    We did boil some pasta on the new stove -so excited to be cooking with gas again!
    But- since we don’t have the sink installed, no vent hood yet, and no countertops, I don’t think we will really be using the new stove much yet.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Paulie—well good job exercising anyway! *Fist bump*. My “run” yesterday suuuuucked as well. I can jog 5 miles on the Southside Trail more or less without stopping and I walked several times yesterday. I felt like lead and was so tired and hot.

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