Sitting at a Waffle House in Chamblee about ninety minutes before my auto appointment on Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

I guess I should feel fortunate that the air compressor at Kroger was working yesterday, because when I stopped there this morning to ensure my tire would have the air needed to drive from East Atlanta to Chamblee, it was out of order yet again. Harrumph! At least I made the journey safely, although I’m still not at my final destination just yet.

Today is a rare unscheduled Wednesday, so my plan is to cook dinner and clean/organize the house.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Good luck! Hope it gets fixed to your satisfaction and you won’t find yourself car shopping anytime soon.

    Tonight I venture to the Buckhead Saloon for the first time for some kind of “Redskins Rally.” Tomorrow’s Falcons vs. Redskins game will be my second Falcons game at MBS.

    • barb says:

      Redskins???? really?
      I got offered a ticket to the game Thursday night, but I don’t see well enough from the upper deck, and end up watching everything on the big screen. And – its preseason. So – I passed. some day I’ll get to the Benz.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Hey, Bonnie, I’ll be there too! I have a client that has 16th row season tickets and for the third year in a row I get their pre-season dregs. 😉 Works for me, though! Barb, this is the only way I’d set foot in MBS for a football game, indeed, 3 years ago was my first NFL game ever.

      • Barb says:

        good seats – hell yeah I’ll go. Nosebleed seats – not so much.

        just like with baseball – offer me Delta 360 or SunTrust club seats – I’m there!

      • Bonnie says:

        Lurker—cool! I’m in the 4th row, looks like between the 30th and 40th yard line. Found some well-priced resale tix. The last Falcons game I went to was free, courtesy of a friend who worked at Mercedes-Benz (the company, not the stadium). Sadly, he moved away and with him his perks… 🙁 I’ve seen a few soccer games and a concert at MBS as well.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          I’ll be near the 50. I think I’ll stick with my 16th row seats, I think you’ll be looking at the backs of all of players standing on the sidelines. 😉 Bummer about your friend moving, those things are nice while they last. I’ve only seen one Hawks game, which was from a suite. And had the best event parking of my life. There’s parking underneath the arena if you’re connected. So I parked and took two elevators to my seat. Which just reinforced my snobbery when it comes to sporting events.

  2. Steve says:

    The parts to repair the PTO arrived yesterday- while they were supposed to mail them last week, they only mailed them Monday and they arrived Tuesday, so 3 cheers to the USPS. I got them all installed and will give them a test this evening.

    I could have easily mowed the yard with the tractor last night, but instead used the push mower. After more than a week, I really could have used a machete, but instead, raised the height a half inch. I plan on mowing again this weekend to get back to normal.

    Hopefully, there will be exercise in my future tonight. Debbie is tending to her mom while our B-I-L Joe has a cardiac procedure, so I’m on my own for the next couple days.

    You know it just crossed my mind, you could take your car to Han (Barb’s mechanic in Chamblee) for the wheel inspection. He might have a good source of a used wheel.


    • barb says:

      what is the PTO? (besides Paid Time Off)

      We ran some errands last night – I changed our plan around with Verizon, and realized our City of Atlanta Fire Rescue discount wasn’t right – so stopped by the Verizon store with Allan’s ID to fix it – now getting $25/month off.
      Stopped by the Amazon Treasure Truck for a Bluetooth projector – we will try it, but it will be a present for the Grove’s in Spain, I think Katrina will find that a good way to show a movie to the kids.
      Then went for a little hike down by the Chattahoochee, since we were over that way.

      • Steve says:

        PTO- power take off. It’s the shaft on the back of equipment that drives another piece of equipment. Mostly mowers in my case, although I’ve used an auger to drill fence post holes.

  3. Mazda dealer says rim is bent, but repairable. However, the place they recommend is in Marietta. I guess I’ll call them and see if they can get to it today, because the tire is really not holding air well. Perhaps I can put the spare on it until the rim is fixed?

    I am completely over all of this nonsense.

    • Barb says:

      where in Marietta?

    • Bonnie says:

      Ugh. *Hugs*

    • I’m at a place called RTP off Cobb Pkwy by Dobbins. They are going to swap the spare for my rim/tire and send me on my way. They say it takes about 48 hours to repairs, for $150. I did t want to spend that money on anything else, really I didn’t.

      If the rim is ready around lunchtime on Friday I’ll let you know and maybe we can have lunch?

      • barb says:

        lunch of Friday sounds good – Allan will probably be able to join us as well.

        bummer on the wheel – that sucks. do you remember hitting a curb or anything?

  4. RTP is less optimistic about repair, and showed me a fairly noticeable wobble in the rim. I have a sick feeling I’ll be buying a new (used?) rim. Oh fucking joy…

  5. bob says:

    A rare unscheduled Wednesday? I thought there was a Wednesday every week, I must be doing something wrong. 🙂

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