Still no word on the rim.

Last night I just could not “adult” any longer. So, I cobbled together a dinner from scraps, and started binge watching my new current mindless “tv” – “Travels by Narrowboat” — on Amazon Prime. The show, essentially one man’s video blog of his mid-life crisis decision to sell everything, buy a narrowboat, and putter along the British canal system, is slow-paced, calming, and surprisingly satisfying.

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  1. Steve, lunch today is still in my calendar. Tell me where and when to meet you (and Kat) and I will be there.

  2. Steve says:

    I’ll ping Kat and see if she is still up for it. If my calculation is correct, this is her first day back. And random hasher sighting while walking to lunch yesterday- Easy Cheeks was doing her dog walking thing.

    Today was apparently “Customer Appreciation Day” in the cafeteria, as breakfast was free. I tried to be good and not fill a plate so I could have room to lunch with you.

    The bush hog went back on the tractor last night and I mowed some pasture. There is a bad wobble on the mower side of the drive shaft that has me worried. I also have little steering due to a locked differential. The Google reports that may just be a lubrication issue, which I will address.

    The dogs were sure Debbie was coming home last night, as they were on high alert. I convinced them that they were wrong and they finally came to bed.


  3. Barb says:

    Last night got a houseguest for a night (or two) but not totally unexpected.
    Annette is in town from NJ, was hoping to get a job interview in person this week, so was visiting her mom in Athens. Job interview finally got scheduled for this morning, (near Cumberland Mall), so she called & asked if she could come by. A 2 hour drive to an interview in rush hour might not give her the right mindset for an interview she figured)
    Allan was at work, she didn’t show up until about 10pm, and the house was clean enough, I didn’t have to do anything to prepare.

  4. Bonnie says:

    For those that live or frequent ITP, the old Brass Tap space in the Kro-bar shopping center in Grant Park is opening a new restaurant tomorrow—The Beverly—“American-Caribbean cuisine with a sports bar vibe”. Some peeps in my hood went to the soft opening last night and said they liked it and it was better than Brass Tap…

  5. Excellent lunch with Steve. I stayed vegetarian, but not a healthy one, by ordering a veggie patty (quinoa and cauliflower), fries with curry sauce, and some fried okra.

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