Since last weekend I’ve had a dull pain in my legs and hips. I assumed it was fatigue caused by slogging through shiggy, swamp, and bog, on Saturday but now I am not so sure. Poop.

Happy DragonCon start to those who care!

Steve, name the time and place for lunch and I’ll see you there. If KKGB can’t join and you wish to cancel, just give me a heads up.

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  1. Steve says:

    I was thinking of “Tin Lizzies” at 11:30? Maybe if it’s not too hot we can sit outside.

    A nice evening of grass cutting and running last night. After the last few runs, the bottoms of my feet hurt. Guess lots of parts have to get in shape.

    The Vuelta had a great stage yesterday. Normally (TdF) you don’t have big climbs so early in the event, but this was a mountaintop finish that averaged 8%, so the cream was going to come to the top. A break of 3 basically stayed away but one of the team cars almost took out their own rider during a feed. I think either the rider slowed up or the car drifted forward- tagged his back wheel with the front bumper and almost went down! Very lucky.

    See you at 11:30.


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