Though the mountain bike were only driven to and from Cloudland Canyon State Park, I had a very good weekend. Bonnie and I feared our riding skills were not up to par for Wheelhopper, so we chose to hike on Saturday instead, hiking somewhere around 5.5 miles. We enjoyed hiking so much, that we did a different trail on Sunday, covering about 5.0 miles.

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  1. Steve says:

    The weather could not have been better for camping, I figure.

    I managed to ride Friday evening, as well as Saturday and Sunday. My legs certainly feel it today. Saturday evening, grilled burgers and dogs for the Games kickoff party. One of our committee is a very good home brewer and brought a canister of his work. Pretty tasty!

    Celebrating Debbie’s birth week this week… guess I need to go shopping!


  2. ITP Lurker says:

    I rode from Grant Park to the Procter Creek Greenway. It was stunning to find so much wooded land ITP. It was pretty straight forward to find, although the dude names on the streets did blur for me at one point:

    • Georgia Avenue to Ralph David Abernathy.
    • Right on Joseph E. Lowery.
    • Cross Martin Luther King.
    • Cross Joseph E. Boone (this is where it blurred for me and I turned left)
    • Left on Donald Lee Holloway (f/k/a Bankhead Highway)
    • Right on Gary Street which is where the trail starts

    The trail also is directly adjacent to the Bankhead MARTA Station. I saw a total of 7 other people on the trail, 5 on bikes, 2 walking, all of us white, similar to what I generally encounter on the Westside Beltline, but it’s starting to get more diverse.

    Next on my agenda is to ride from Grant Park to Stone Mountain and back. That’ll be my longest ride ever when I get to it. But I’ve been working my way to that distance. Yesterday I rode across town from the greenway to the Beltline, and clocked around 25 miles. It was surprising to find myself riding my bike on Bankhead Highway.

    • Bonnie says:

      Yay Lurker! I need to get back out to the PCG again soon. The Stone Mountain ride is a good ride. If you stick to the PATH it’s not too bad. On the ride home last time we took some roads instead that were hillier/harder, but you didn’t have to stop as much. If you tack on a lap around the mountain that’ll be more of an ass-kicker, to me anyway 😂.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Yes, I see that it’s a 5 mile loop around the mountain, in addition to the 28 miles round trip. So I’ll have to see how I’m feeling that day. I’ve definitely learned I need to plan snacks and water better if I’m going to go 20+ miles anywhere. I definitely plan to stick to the PATH trail the first time out.

        Also, the PATH 400 trail is scheduled to open on October 20. I can get pretty close to it on the Beltline, and then go up Piedmont to Adina Drive, not far past Tower. I lived in North Buckhead for 10 years, so it’ll be fun to revisit my old stomping grounds in a new fashion.

  3. bob says:

    Good seeing you and Bonnie this weekend! The weather could not have been much nicer for camping and good folks to hang out with made it better.

    I do find it funny though to hear you say you don’t have the skills for wheelhopper, there is no test and no terrain that is mandatory you ride. Have you seen Dr Doo-Doo ride? Skills are not required 🙂

    • Barb says:

      I think you both would have been fine on the trail, though the Super Short (without the 1st 3 mile loop) would have probably been best for you. since it would have only been about 10 miles.
      That 1st loop wasn’t hard, but it did have a little climbing, I was pretty tired at the end from doing 13 miles.
      but -really- that last 2 miles on the road to the end probably kicked my ass more than the trail riding.
      it was a fun trail, was only technical in a few places that I felt I needed to walk.
      but – its not a race, so I just took my time.

  4. Barb says:

    what did you hike on Sunday?

    we got home – got the camper cleaned out & laundry done, and then watched football the rest of the day.

    • We drove over to the main overlook. From there we hiked part of the Overlook trail, part of the Bear Creek trail, and the Backcountry trail loop.

      • Barb says:

        It was a nice hike over to the Ooutlook from the campground in the morning, so I bet going past there with what you did was good too.

        What time did you get home?

      • I got in around 6:20pm. After taking everything out of the car and then making a quick dinner I was pooped. I fell asleep early on the futon.

        I’m leaving most of my gear in the kitchen since it’ll all be going back into the car for Hartwell on Thursday (assuming all goes to plan).

  5. Bonnie says:

    Good to see all you guys this weekend too! It was really fun and chill. I turned off the water to my washing machine over the weekend and just ran a load with the water still turned off. Whoops.

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