The rumors are true! I am unable to hash without Glory Mole!

It is true that when I heard that Bonnie wasn’t going to hash last night that I thought long, and hard, and then decided to skip it. From the map that I saw last night, it appears that I didn’t miss too much.

Instead of hashing I spent a night at home, getting frustrated trying to understand what will be happening on Thursday, making and eating dinner, organizing some camping gear, coding for work, and watching two episodes of The Great British Baking Show amongst other things.

Today is my last Tuesday of freedom for a couple of months, before German class resumes, so I assume that I will do more of the same.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 214.2 pounds (+0.4 from last week’s weigh-in); insert deep meaning of minor weight gain here.

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11 Responses to 2019-09-24

  1. Steve says:

    Can’t/won’t/don’t wanna? All about the same. We get it. Good, fun company is worth it.

    As I started dinner last night, I was reading the directions on the box of Zaterains dirty rice- “Brown 1lb ground beef”. Hamburger in dirty rice? Glad I paid no attention, as I had already defrosted the andouie sausage. which of course went perfectly. A bit salty (I added no salt) to my taste, but still pretty good.

    Took out a dead tree that was leaning perilously over the road. The top had already snapped and the rest got hung up in a neighboring tree. After several failed attempts to “lasso” the tippy top, I got the rope around the middle and Mahindra convinced it to lay down. Ahhh.. farm life.

    I spoke to an old HS friend who was back in country (from AUS) to say goodbye to her brother. He has lived a hard life and it finally caught up to him. She said we should come visit, and I think that might have to happen… January 2021?? Maybe “pop over” and visit TLS.


  2. Bonnie says:

    That made me laugh out loud 🙂.

  3. Stacy says:

    I’m guessing you probably already know about this, what with German class and Midtown and all….but it the weird case that you don’t: https://www.wunderbartogetherpopuptour.com/atlanta-ga-1

  4. Steve says:

    Now I know what I’m doing for lunch!!

  5. Steve says:

    Despite the schedule, they are not ready to open.

    • Stacy says:

      The schedule is on the page, silly goose. It starts today (this evening) but then runs through Saturday.

    • Noticed the same, just saw food start last tomorrow. I have a lunch meeting so I guess that I won’t get any for this pop up as I will be away Thursday and Friday.

      Decided to walk to Amazon Store for a package, and to finally try the Caravaca Food Court on Peachtree at 5th, but alas I am too late because it has gone out of business.

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