If remove the fact that all of my sports teams did not win this weekend, including games in which they were supposedly the “better” team, it was a fun weekend.

I did some drinking with old buds on Friday, walked to and around Chomp and Stomp on Saturday, and did a weird hash called “SOB” yesterday (my first time in about eighteen years).

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  1. No hashing for me tonight, however. Instead I am going to try and recreate a meal I made nearly thirteen years ago, this time a vegetarian-friendly version.

  2. Steve says:

    FL/GA was a good game and could have gone either way. Ga got a TD on the blown call for that completion, but other than that, it was close.

    Rode 20 on the CX bike Saturday, PM’d the horse trailer, or at least lubed all but the wheels. Snapped off a grease fitting and said bad words. Beat Ollie on several occasions for chasing horses/donkeys.

    Was wandering around the “new property” and trying to determine how we would drive into it. Met up with the neighbor/owner who wants access from his shop to park vehicles on “his part”. We cut his chain link fence and the barb wire of the pasture and voila! Access. He has a gate to hang and has to clear a slightly better path, but we just have to drive up when his shop gate is open. Water and power are still an issue.


    • Oddly the UF loss was the game that angered me the least as I’ve become accustomed to UF failing in big games recently, and knew UGA was the better team going into the game.

      The two games that bugged me were the Jets losing to a previously-hapless Dolphins team, and Werder Bremen giving up an extra-time goal to draw when they had an extra man on the pitch and were playing at home!

  3. barb says:

    I went to PineLake Saturday (Willie & I messed up on a check, but we knew it was A to A, so we just had a nice walk), and then to my first ever Chomp & Stomp.
    I just not a festival person, so hung out for a while, then decided to hoof it back to the car over near Oakland Cemetery with a few others that were ready to head home.

    Sunday Allan & I did an easy almost 20 miles on the road bikes on the Noonday trail up in Kennesaw – a few too many road crossings, but its all off the road on a nice wide sidewalk. I’m thinking we may park near the Marietta Square & ride over to Kennesaw Mtn, then basically the opposite of what we did Sunday, so then we could have a snack or drink somewhere after the ride. I think it would be closer to 25 if we did it that way.

  4. barb says:

    And we finally turned on the heat this weekend.
    But 1st it was making a crazy noise (Allan was at the firehouse) so I left it off until he came home Sunday morning. It ended up just the door on the furnace wasn’t secured correctly – but I didn’t even want to deal with it.
    Then – last night about 4am Allan woke up & it was hot!
    The thermostat had gotten “stuck” or something, it was now 78 degrees in the house.
    So – he tore apart the thermostat, the battery had corroded, so got it cleaned up & replaced & it was back to working like normal. So much fun at 4am.
    We turned it all completely off, opened the window.
    I guess I’ll turn it back on this evening when I get home.

    • Steve says:

      While we finally turned on the heat last week, our house is so odd- our bedroom gets almost all the HVAC, so if you’re comfortable in the rest of the house, you’re freezing in Summer and melting in Winter. Clearly, there is some air movement issues.

    • I turned the heat on for the first time on Friday. When I got home it was 61° F in the house, brrr! While I waited for the heat to do its job I jumped into my Olaf costume since it kept me so warm the night before. Lol

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