I am up before the sun this morning, admittedly not such a hard task at this time of year. With this came some brain farting as I put the dish intended for lunch, and not one intended for breakfast, into the microwave and heated it. Oops. Guess that is will be eating breakfast for lunch!

The weekend was a fun one indeed.

On Friday night I went to The EARL to see/hear Titus Andronicus perform; if my calendrical bookkeeping is correct this is the fifth time I have seen them perform.

On Saturday Bonnie and I headed out to Sweetwater State Park where we did a nice hike. My GPS recorded 5.7 miles, which probably means that we hiked for 5 miles. Not being a girl I was excluded from the evening’s “Girls Night Out” so I stayed a home and practiced the corn pudding recipe that I intend to make for Thanksgiving; it is a winner.

Yesterday saw me at my second consecutive SOB hash, the one that may go down in history as TV Hair’s finale, as he took extreme umbrage when we had to pack ul his car and move the end. Upon unloading his car he’d declared never to return, and sped off. We’ll see…

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  1. Steve says:

    Friday night’s Cirque was great as usual. 2nd row seats, which meant we were up close, but also at a slight disadvantage when there was anything aerial. The underlying story, which should tie everything together was fairly nonexistent, but otherwise a great show.

    Saturday was a full day in the office swapping cards in our core switches. Considering what we were doing, it went pretty well. While working, I get a text from Debbie- apparently there was a jailbreak at home but our neighbors managed to get everyone back in the pasture. Imagine my surprise when I drive home and the horses and Minnie Pearl are in the road at Doug and Nicoles! That’s a mile from the house. I got out and yelled at them, which that and my car got them moving in the right direction. They got a stern talking to once I got them in their stalls.

    28 road miles Sunday. Nice, nice, nice.


    • barb says:

      I got Shingles shot#1, just a sore arm. Allan got Shingles shot#2 – he felt like crap all day Saturday. He was fine Sunday. I get to get #2 in January.
      I know a day of feeling crappy is way better than getting shingles.
      If you are 50 or up – get it.

      We rode the Alpharetta Greenway all over Sunday – ended up with 32 miles.
      I know we went down to Roswell, then back north, maybe John’s Creek & Milton too? I have no idea where all we were. Then a beer at Jekyll Brewing – maybe .1 mile from the trailhead where we parked – yes, that was planned. Gorgeous day to be outside.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      My preferred seating for Cirque du Soleil is in the second row of the second section, directly behind the center aisle (in front of the sound board). You truly can sit too close for Cirque shows. This year’s show was good, but not one to write home about. I’m still glad I went.

      Barb, I don’t know if you tried Jekyll’s Hop Dang Diggity IPA, but that’s been my current go-to beer for as long as it’s been in stores.

      • Hop Dang Diggity was my go to beer when I used to frequent Lucky’s in Brookhaven. I certainly do not miss commuting to and from the Perimeter Mall area from East Atlanta.

      • barb says:

        I am not a IPA lover, so no, I did not have that one.
        Mike or Allan may have.
        I know he had one called ‘merica.
        I had a saison shandy something like that (forgot the name)- it was lemony.

  2. On Friday I (finally?) heard that there will be no Amgen Tour of California in 2020, and that the event is on permanent hiatus. Pity.

    • Steve says:

      C’mon Paulie, try and keep up…

      I think they shot themselves in the foot when they went to World Tour status (and brought ASO on board). World Tour excludes some of the smaller American teams that would ride AToC.

      Reports were that AToC costs as much as the Tour de France to put on. Understandable if you consider the TdF has the backing of the government and supplies all the security and road permits gratis.

  3. barb says:

    oh yeah – that 32 miles was on the mtn bike – all most all pavement.
    We thought some of the northern part of the trail (or a connector part) wasn’t done, so we figured the fatter tires would be better.
    That was harder on my body that I expected – I never ride that far on that bike.

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