Wow, it got late fast this morning…

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned subscribing to Disney+. Though I am morally against their practice of lobbying for extensions to copyright expirations, ironically since Disney made so much money tweaking Brothers Grimm fables which fell into the public domain, I have to admit that Disney’s media library is amazing. I love Pixar movies, now owned by Disney. Disney has also acquired the ownership of Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and even The Simpsons. This is why I cowed down to the mouse and signed up for a $6.99/month subscription. Hell, if I find that I am not watching it I can always cancels.

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  1. barb says:

    look at you – getting on the bandwagon………..

    Last night I decided to go to a free Mystery concert at a bar at The Battery.
    It was sponsored by Miller Lite & the Bull 94.9 (country music)
    Thought maybe since there is 2 big concerts downtown this weekend with lots of bigger names, it might be something interesting.
    It was supposed to start at 8pm, band finally came out a little after 9pm – LANCO.
    I really don’t know how they are considered country music – all there songs are pretty much rock. The only time they sounded country was when they were doing covers

    but- if you ever want to ride a mechanical bull- they have one at the PBR Bar – we got to watch video of people trying it while we waited for the concert to start.

  2. Steve says:

    Haven’t heard of either group, but I dont think they are played in the Sinatra channel.

    Disney would be a good channel to purchase with your interest. They will only add to it in the future I’m sure.

    A slow start today- only now having breakfast at the cafe. Cirque tonight! Work tomorrow. Hopefully not a long day. Hopefully.


  3. barb says:

    Iowa’s Ride vs RAGBRAI gets more interesting.
    Now Iowa’s Ride will now go east to west the week before RAGBRAI.
    (lots of conplaints about who gets the team bus with the 2 rides at the same time)
    so- if you are really into biking, you could ride 2 full weeks in Iowa.

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