Late blog today because I did something this morning that I haven’t done in a very long time, fill the crockpot with food so that it can cook all day. I am responsible for dinner tonight and for a belated birthday dinner (for Betsy) I am making Ropa Vieja; using that recipe as my base. So yes, today is a meat day.

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  1. barb says:

    That sounds like a tasty dinner. At Betsy’s?

    We went to get my car from the shop – oil change done & glad I asked them to check my alignment – it needed to be done.
    Stopped at a bar to see a friend doing a 30 minute gig at a singer songwriter night.
    Place was packed (not normal for a Tuesday night), and found out the guy playing after him had been on this season of The Voice (guys got booted already – but his fans were there).

    • Yes, I’ll be toting to crockpot to Betsy’s tonight (I updated the post to make that clear since I forgot to say so). With the meat we’ll have yellow rice and black beans, and a salad.

      And wine, of course.

  2. Think I need to start a new segment — random item Kroger did not have in stock. Last night’s item was lemons; not a single lemon, outside of bagged ones, to be had. A close second was Kroger brand plain tomato paste, of which there was one can on the shelf.

  3. Steve says:

    I was about to report that we thought we had lost Izzie to the coyotes last night, but apparently she was too small or she kicked their asses! I was in the hottub and suddenly heard the coyotes and they were CLOSE! I did a quick inventory and Izzie was unaccounted for. I called several more times with no response. I don’t know where she was but Debbie reported she was asleep at home. Damn dog. This isn’t the first time, either…

    HBD Betsy! I doubt she reads the blog, but I wished her the same on social media.


    • Yikes!

      I think Betsy abandoned the blog many moons ago. 🙄

    • barb says:

      glad Izzie is ok.

      FYI – Claire is doing ok – but I don’t think she’s getting out of the hospital anytime soon. Sani is looking into everything – always good to have a hash mom. (that is a nurse on top of all her mom duties)

      • That’s not good, especially at this time of year. I hope that Claire recovers as quickly as possible.

        Agreed about Sani. She has helped me more than once since convincing me to hash long ago.

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