As I have discovered another health ailment that appears will require professional intervention I have come to realize that since passing 50 my body is not breaking, it’s eroding.

Today may be the day that I (finally?) buy a new Apple Watch. I hate the thought of replacing something that works, even if it doesn’t work especially well, with something new. However, that just might happe today. Why not wait until Black Friday? Oh I can’t be bothered going to the Apple Store during Peak Christmas.

I usually joke that I have a superpower — I can manage to order the only beer on a menu that is no longer available! I think that I have developed another — being a podcast cooler. I can’t tell you the number of times I have to subscribed to a long-running podcast only to have them stop producing new episodes shortly after I have subscribed. I think that I need to work on a third superpower — how to repair an eroding body… Ha, I almost typed “how to repair an erotic body”, boy do I wish!

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  1. And last night’s Ropa Vieja was delicious! It wasn’t good enough to make me swear off my 5/7ths vegetarianism, but still… 😋

  2. barb says:

    why do you “need” a new apple watch?

    • I have three fairly-valid reasons:
      1. the battery life isn’t great, I have to charge my watch twice a day.
      2. the screen has faded so greatly that I cannot read the watch in sunlight.
      3. I’d like to have the EEG/ECG/EKG (whatever the term) present on the newer versions.

      And one not-so-valid reason:
      1. my watch is what is referred to as a “Series 0”, which means I have gotten four years of life out of it.

  3. barb says:

    I got a haircut last night, I told her I wanted it shorter – but she went a little shorter than I expected. I’ll get used to it- and – it will grow………..

    Besides that – trying to get ready for my parents to arrive, and for Thanksgiving (guess I better get around to buying 2 turkeys to thaw) – and then surprise, Annette & Mark are swinging by to stay a night or two this weekend.
    She’s been in GA trying to find a job (staying with her mom in Athens), while he still is working in NJ. So – they are in Vegas, and I’m guessing didn’t tell her mom what day they were coming back?

    • Bonnie says:

      I am also due for a shorter haircut. I usually just get blunt trims at Great Clips but for shorter hair I like to go to a “real” salon. There are a couple in my hood that I need to walk over to and see what the pricing and availability is. I haven’t spent real money on a haircut since I moved here.

      • barb says:

        I actually went to a SuperCuts up here, Tammy (In My Behind) gets hers cut & colored there, and I’ve heard it was a good place from my mother in law as well (a neighbor of hers loves it). So – I made sure Colleen was working. Haircut was only $15. I think I’ll go back.

  4. Steve says:

    The ride home on Marta gave me an opportunity to glance at the site for the debate last night. Besides lots of satellite trucks inside the gates, there were a few protestors outside. Ah, democracy. We watched for a bit… meh.

    Debbie was starving when I arrived home last night and there was little to eatin the house, so off to our local Chinese place. It’s certainly not TC, but it’s not bad.

    Took today off (partner Sam already has tomorrow) and am doing chores. Maybe. A ride later.


  5. Well, I decided today won’t be the day for a new Apple Watch because I don’t feel like heading to Lenox Mall; I will gamble on doing so Monday instead.

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