My home’s internet is still dreadfully slow. I guess after Turkey Day I will have to have some difficult conversations with AT&T.

Had I remembered that I needed to visit a bank yesterday I would have nailed my day of chores. Good on me!

Long-time readers of this space may remember back when I was trying to un-single myself I had a string of hitting on women whose names began with the letter “J”. Apparently unbeknownst to me there may be one around now? Well not really. I’m yesterday’s mail I received a postcard containing an invite code to Nextdoor, Adressen to my house, but for a woman named “Julia”. Even though I have been the sole resident at my house for nearly the entirety of the past twenty years, I still get a lot of mail for previous inhabitants, none of whom were named “Julia”.

Programming Note: there may be blogs tomorrow and/or Friday. I expect no one will have the time to read them, unless of course you are Canadian.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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11 Responses to 2019-11-27

  1. Bonnie says:

    Slept like shit, was awake most of the night. Finally just got up at 5:00am. Ugh. Plus I feel sinus-y, I hope just temporarily due to the rainy weather. It’s going to be a long day…

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Unfortunately I can relate. That’s the story of my life, but dissolvable melatonin tablets have become my friend for helping me get back to sleep when I inevitably wake up every single night. Hope your day turns around!

      • Bonnie says:

        Thanks! If it wasn’t going to be such a busy day I wouldn’t care as much. I used to take Melatonin every night for a long time, but stopped a few months ago (I think?) to give it a go without it. Perhaps I need to reconsider…

        • ITP Lurker says:

          What’s working for me is to take a dissolvable tablet in the middle of the night if I need it. I don’t have a going to sleep problem, I have a waking up in the middle of the night problem. I’ve tried drops and caplets, but for me these self-dissolving tablets work best for me. This way I’m only taking it when I need it, which doesn’t turn to to be every night. The better I sleep, the better I tend to sleep, but it definitely goes the other way as well. I have a friend who swears by magnesium, but I guess I haven’t been consistent enough with taking it to know if it would truly help me or not.

    • Clearly your sinus-y feeling stems from having to do all of your chores! Hope you feel better quickly m. 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    I will read your blog tomorrow and surely have snarky commentary.

    There will be at least 2 pies made today, and the turkey is in the on deck circle and ready to step up to the plate! (see what I did there).

    So I was trying to be a nice guy last night. I fed the horses, threw out some hay, left the gate so they could get into the barn in case it actually rained overnight (which I don’t think it did) and put some hay under the shed roof for the donkey (outside the fence line, which she ignores anyway). Go back inside, start to eat my dinner and hear Lily having a come apart. Stick my head outside and the horses have broken the snap hook on the chain gate by leaning in to get at the donkey’s hay. They were not interested in going back in the pasture, but I threw all that hay in with them and closed the gate, so if it rained, they were going to get wet. A-holes.


    • ITP Lurker says:

      Surely you’re old enough to have learned that no good deed goes unpunished… 😉 On the other hand, it’s great that your dog knows where the horses belong.

      • Steve says:

        Not our dog! Neighbors’ dog that we feed! When we tell people how many dogs we have, it’s 4 and a half! And she is sometime referred to as “Not our dog” as in “Come’re, not our dog”.

        Obviously, she earns her keep.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Clearly she knows a good thing when she sees it. Dogs are particularly great that way. People, not always so much.

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