Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I don’t feel required to limit my greeting today to those of us south of the Canadian border since my only potential Canadian reader is currently visiting Vietnam.

The better part of yesterday was spent walking around the Georgia Aquarium with the Raleigh Royalty.
Georgia Aquarium
I find the aquarium an incredibly difficult place to do photography.

Today I will be attempting a corn pudding as my contribution to a Thanksgiving dinner. I hope that what ever you make and/or eat turns out to be delicious.

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5 Responses to 2019-11-28

  1. Dangen! I forgot that I was going to walk up to Joe’s Coffee and visit those who volunteered (regular employees getting paid, but wanted to have the shop open during the morning hours) to work there today. However, I have already made a pot coffee and consumed one cup. ☹️

  2. Steve says:

    Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

    We were up at 0600 preparing dressing and getting the guest of honor ready for his appearance at lunch. 3 pies made last night- 2 pumpkin and a cherry.

    The tractor is in mid-repair. Fuel tank all empty and disconnected. Ready to be cleaned and resealed to keep the crap out.

    Our best to the R.R.


  3. Due to technical difficulties, one of which I accidentally created, I could only spend 30 minutes on the trainer today. Now baking my corn pudding. Will be heading to Sani’s in a couple of hours.

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