Ah, a relaxing night at home; it was much needed. I am working from home today, so while it shouldn’t be relaxing at least I don’t have to deal with a commute.

Last night I hooked up my new AppleTV.

Yes, I did.

I bought a new AppleTV because I wanted to move my old one to the basement for trainer rides, and this purchase got me a “free” year of Apple TV+ (Apple’s new streaming service), a $60 savings.

Imagine my horror when I was told the app I use to watch German soccer was no longer available! Goddammit Fox! First you takeaway my rugby, then you take away my app? Turns out there is now a dedicated rugby app, which would have been nice to know when the season was still in progress, and a new Fox Sports app for soccer. However, I can’t figure out how to log into my account in order to watch Bundesliga games! I did figure out how to stream the games from my iPad, which still has the app, so that will suffice.

Waffle Palace Christmas tonight at Horizon Theatre. 🙂

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10 Responses to 2019-12-06

  1. Steve says:

    Nothing much to report from yesterday. Drive, work, drive, ride, sleep.

    Google maps creeped me out this morning. I was looking at a restaurant in LaGrange that had moved since we ate there (some years ago) and as I zoomed the map in, one of only 2 businesses it showed was a dentist I had used some time back. Did it remember I looked up directions? Was it a random coincidence? Creepy.

    Is it time to start the bowling rumor yet? Barb, what’s Allan’s work schedule?


    • barb says:

      Allan works every 3rd day (hahahahaha)
      we are booked up this weekend & next, but Sat 12/21 or Sun 12/22 might work. Most likely there will be a Wheelhopper on Sunday 12/22 – maybe we can end near a bowling alley??

    • Don’t schedule with me in mind because December is probably not going to work for me – 14th is a busy day, 15th is a maybe, 21st is “A Christmas Carol”, 22nd is Black Sheep, I am traveling to Florida on the 23rd, and 28th/29th are a maybe depending on my travel schedule. Given there is no official January 1st hash I *may* be in Raleigh, but I have a cardiologist appointment on the 3rd, so there is that with which to contend.

  2. I am so bummed, as I continue to burst at the seams and want to jump on my trainer to battle this, my ankle still hurts from Tuesday’s walk. Argh!

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