It seems as if it’s been some time since I’ve been pleased with my life, this weekend didn’t help.

I thought it would feel good to get rid of stuff, and while it did, it took me over an hour to drive to the Goodwill I wanted to visit. I even left work early to avoid traffic! Then, I made what appeared to be an amazing batch of macaroni and cheese, only to have it give me major intestinal distress and ruin Friday night.

I had no delusion that my Werder Bremen team could beat Bayern Munich, but to lose 6-1 after scoring the first goal in the match was an utter embarrassment. It was fun hanging out with Bonnie and her hubby at a bar at 9:30am though; their adopted team is Bayern since they visited Munich last Spring. I joined many folks at Best End Brewing for the grand finale of Urban Explorers, and after getting home around 6:30pm and eating a small dinner, I passed out on the couch.

Yesterday I started my day with another bout of pain, for which I don’t even know what type of doctor to consult. Don’t ask, just know it that it’s a tender matter.

Oh shit, Christmas is next week?

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  1. I wrote today’s blog yesterday morning and published before I was awake today. Though it was another relative unproductive day, it was okay. I even had my first “prison tacos” experience; “prison tacos” are from the food stand inside the Mexican grocery/convenience store that is across the street from the Federal Penitentiary. Since I had already made it a meat day, I ate three tacos — barbacoa, pastor, and carnitas — and they were delicious.

    Also, my payment for Prague cleared so that was a positive this weekend.

    And finally, though my breakfast may not have qualified as of this moment I am returning my attention to weight loss. It has been a very hedonistic past few months and my waistline shows it.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Good to know on prison tacos. I’ve heard good things about that place.

      • Other things to note. Most tacos $1.99, small, but filled with meat. Expect to wait for your food as there are only two guys working and they have a lot of customers.

      • barb says:

        Martha called that area Benteen this weekend? when did that start? and why that name?
        I do want to try to Prison tacos.

      • According to Google Maps “Benteen” is the name of the neighborhood in which it sits.

        Huh, I just realized that I ended a hash, it must have been a Black Sheep, near there. My original ending was Benteen Elementary School, until Sani told me that it’s a felony to have alcohol on school grounds; we migrated to Benteen Park which is next to the school.

  2. Bonnie says:

    *Ghost hug*

  3. barb says:

    What a weekend- too much drinking, too much socializing, then I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m exhausted.
    Annette, our good friend that got laid off from her job in NJ, managed to get a job here in ATL, so there was much rejoicing this weekend. Now her husband can start looking for a new job down here this spring (after he gets a monster bonus). She’s a PM, got a contract job with a consulting firm with Southern Company, but its for 1.5 years, so that’s as good as it gets right now for her.

    Got most of my Christmas cards addresses, still have a few to send.

    • Steve says:

      Was there a chicken theme to the card? And if so, why?

      • barb says:

        the one picture from CA, we were just goofing off.
        then – we saw that chicken on the fence when we were bike riding, so decided we could have a theme……
        So – we thought we better add a Big Chicken.
        then – fire – just to have fire. If I’d had a chicken at home, it might have made the 4th pic.
        so – bottom line – no real reason.

  4. Steve says:

    Sorry for your pain.. and your teams poor showing. I know how that feels.

    I’ve heard of the Benteen neighborhood, but always thought it was west of 75/85, even beyond West End.

    We are now the proud owners of a second guest bedroom! Debbie did a great job cleaning out crap, we made a SalArmy run, and we set up the old bed. Now to find places where the crap can go.

    Should have drug myself out on the bike yesterday, but instead rode the scooter to blow the dust off. Helps to actually have correct tire pressure! Rode the trainer hard last night and feel it today.


  5. Well, that fucking sucks! I just received an email letting me know that the High Museum is canceling the Sally Mann exhibit because they can’t fix the leaks in the roof. I was expecting to see this photography exhibit in January. I understand the High’s position, but this truly angers me.

  6. 68°F 72°F on December 16th? It’s beginning to feel like Nuclear Christmas.

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