This week I have been like Arby’s — I’ve had all the meats! By the time you read this I am most likely making my way back to Atlanta, and looking forward to a few days of getting my head and diet straight before Cheddar(less)head on Wednesday.

In a classic case of “We should have quit while we were ahead” I allowed my mother to talk me into playing bingo twice yesterday, the first time we won but the second time we did not.

Cheers all.

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2 Responses to 2019-12-27

  1. Steve says:

    Out running errands this morning, then taking down some walls in the barn to turn it into more of a run-in. No one uses the barn now, so well see.


  2. barb says:

    I spent a wonderful night at home alone last night – doing nothing for the most part.
    I finally watched that 4 hour Garth Brooks documentary – I really enjoyed it. His back story about getting started was interesting, as was the fact that his ex-wife was in it (commentating)- and his children.

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