While not the last blog post of the year it is my last vacation day of the year. Fear not for me though as the office of “XYZ Corp” is officially closed tomorrow and Wednesday so I shan’t be in the office again until Thursday.

Thanks to some day drinking yesterday watching American football at Midway I landed on the futon and was down for the count for the remainder of the night. As such I didn’t exercise, nor did I sort laundry, so I didn’t make it to the Waschsalon nor did I reward myself with breakfast at Home Grown this morning.

I will give myself kudos in one area — all of my meals on Saturday and Sunday were prepared with ingredients already present in my house.

I’m going to try to turn the rest of it around today, and set a better course for my future.

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17 Responses to 2019-12-30

  1. Steve says:

    Ghost week number 2- hardly anyone here, but still getting stuff done. (and goofing off on the blog).

    Saturday, got a nice ride in, then watched LSU explain to OSU what SEC football is all about. It was so boring I left in the 3rd quarter to watch the Dog Show from 2018! I stayed to the end of the Clemson – Ohio State game. Thought for the first half that Clem’s son was going to come out on the short end, and was almost proved right until that final interception with seconds on the clock. (shame they both couldn’t lose, but..)

    Yesterday we went and visited Debbie’s mom, sister, niece and grand niece. And I didn’t scare the baby, which is the norm. Should have exercise, as by the time we got home, the roads were dry, but was a slug.

    Had to detour off 85 this morning. Just got to the end of the on ramp at Exit 51 and the traffic came to a halt. Did a quick U turn up the ramp and up 29. Apparently the backup was short lived, as there was plenty of traffic rolling north when I got back on. Some I even recognized…


  2. Bonnie says:

    Last week I spent a lot of time on the couch watching Netflix. Binge-watched the miniseries “Unbelievable” and the two-season “The End of the Fucking World.” Both were great, but I especially liked TEOTFW (sans a couple scenes about animals that bothered me). Paulie, no need for you to add either one to your watchlist ;).

    After a long day of planned errands in Buckhead and northside today, I’m looking forward to NYE and Cheddar-whatever. Fuckeye just posted an update to bring a headlamp and a change of clothes because it’s going to get dark and wet.

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