Overall a good weekend. Hung out with friends around beers on a Friday and Saturday, getting my first Hop Passport stamp on the latter day. Yesterday was a very long drive to a good Black Sheep, followed by an equally long drive home.

My return to a morning routine was knocked off-kilter by some ass who successfully slung a pair of shoes tied together around the cable or telephone line of my next door neighbor. In my time at the ITP Estate I have each of those lines yanked down by passing vehicles, so I understand the danger of having them hang even lower than they already do. My attempts to remove the shoes using a long branch which had fallen in my front yard failed; I think a ladder and scissors are in order.

Because of this diversion I forgot to bring my breakfast and lunch with me this morning. Poop.

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  1. Oh yeah, at the second brewery on Saturday my appearance was once again compared to Jürgen Klopp. 😂

  2. Steve says:

    Working from home until a 2:30 appointment at the podiatrist. The gout was not at all fun this weekend. Sat my a$$ on the recliner yesterday for the most part. Debbie and I are a pair- she can’t lift more than 5 pounds after surgery and I can’t walk. We decided to postpone my birthday until next weekend.

    Debbie was able to go see her mom both days. She’s occasionally awake, but not really communicating. The hospice nurse stopped in Saturday while we were there- that is a special calling right there.


    • barb says:

      so sorry to hear about Debbie’s mom, that really stinks.
      and you are right – those nurses are amazing, how they do it astounds me.

      let us know when you are ever celebrating the birthday.

    • Bonnie says:

      Sorry to hear about all of the above!

  3. barb says:

    Allan has still got a head cold, and is just feeling not that great.
    Good thing there was football to watch all weekend.

    I went apartment shopping with Annette Sunday – wow apartments are expensive.
    We were looking over near Perimeter mall, there are some nice ones, and not so nice ones, but DAMN they are pricy. One of the perks at one place was a herb garden – if they pick that place, I’ll be really curious as to if there are really any herbs growing next year…….

    • Steve says:

      They might be expensive, but consider being able to be close enough to your office that it’s a 5 minute drive, or walk? You can relate, I’m sure!!

    • The price of apartments is what keeps me from considering selling the house; they are ridiculously high, especially for the quantity that has been built recently and are still being built.

      • barb says:

        its insane how many there are – and the price is still so high.
        Annette has an 80 lb dog, and that limits the choices, but that is just an extra cost, so that doesn’t matter on the base price.

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