Ah Friday…

Last night turned into a wonderful night of relaxation. After work I put in a good 45 minutes on my trainer. Bonnie had a free evening after her long day of performing manual labor with Habitat for Humanity, so she came over and we made dinner. Dinner was a classic “what can be concocted with what’s in Paulie’s cupboard” dish — a mixed lentil curry to which I added a bag of frozen gumbo vegetables, and served with basmati rice.

Because both of us had exhausting days, we opted not to walk up to Elder Tree for bar bingo and just caught up on our weeks’ activities instead.

Tonight, SoCo in the “neighborhood”, complete with a Christmas tree bonfire. 🌲🔥🌲🔥

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9 Responses to 2020-01-17

  1. Bonnie says:

    Missed out on the blog yesterday because of Habitat for Humanity. I suppose you could call it a “fun” day with Davey, Surly, Gentri, Lawrence and Buttpipe. And I got another T-shirt and koozie—just what I needed! 😄

    From yesterday: My go-to split pea soup recipe is called, “Split Pea Soup or Baby Vomit? You Decide.” I have a printed copy in my recipe three-ring binder, but as I was attempting to Google it I found this: https://weelicious.com/split-pea-wee-soup/ 🙃

  2. Steve says:

    (My comment about split pea soup appears lost in the ether.)

    Watching the guys harvest our mud crop from the barn. Hopefully they can get it graded to drain and not be a swamp.

    Quiet night watching the final Jeopardy Greatest. They looked like they were having fun, which only added. All have an amazing ability of recall. I can’t really say it’s education.


  3. barb says:

    I had a boring night last night, just what I needed – I had a headache.

    Tonight we are going to the Dixie Tavern to see a band that plays “classis country”.
    a friend’s son is the fiddle player. It should be fun, but they don’t start until 9:30pm. We will have to go to out for dinner before, either there, or somewhere else.

    • Steve says:

      9:30? I feel old, that’s almost my bedtime!

      One very large dump truck of crusher run (crush and run) and it’s spread and being packed. Sweet!

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