Good weekend which included a lot of hashing, Friday night Southern Comfort that concluded with a Christmas tree bonfire, and Black Sheep yesterday.

On Saturday night I attended a party for which I had to make an appetizer. I put my chef toque on and concocted two fillings for pre-made phyllo cups — a pea purée for one, and caramelized onions that I paired with goat cheese for the other. Inexplicably I failed to take photos of my wonderful creations. 😢

Today I have been given the day off from work and I am choosing to freeze my ass off doing some community service down at Constitution Lake.

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3 Responses to 2020-01-20

  1. barb says:

    I’m at work – what fun…………..

    Friday night went to see a band at Dixie Tavern – it was a good “old school” country tribute band – it was really fun. A friend’s son is the fiddle player – damn he was good & made the band so much better. I even sent a note to Franklin to tell him he should look into this band for STU.
    The rest of the weekend was pretty low key – thought about hashing yesterday, but just wasn’t in the mood for cold swamps, and figured with all the rain we’ve had, there would be cold swamps.

    • There were cold swamps, an angry man who told us we were on private property and needed to find another playground, and a semi-truck driver who slowed down and yelled “Hash House Harriers, they went that way!”. 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Let’s see so far, the new gravel has survived rain and horses. Even a puddle of puddle didn’t sink in, which I thought was curious.

    Saturday evening, met friends in Tucker for Mexican. While my Games partner Burt lives just around the corner, the other friends live as far north on 85 as we live south, so getting together for dinner is rare.

    Sunday while Debbie rode Ceili, I dusted off the scooter for a couple hours. It’s amazing to me how much you feel the wind on a motorcycle. There wasn’t any place to hide and though it was chilly, it took all the 2 hours before I felt a bit cold. No heated clothing-yet.

    A slow roll so far today. Coffee, laundry… breakfast is the next stop.


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