All in all it was a fair weekend. I certainly did not accomplish all of the tasks I had hope to finish, but I did have a little fun.

On Saturday I celebrated Chinese New Year with friends, two of whom made a spread of food that was delicious; and I cooked myself as well the rest of the weekend. The other positive was that I hopped on my trainer twice, once on Friday and once yesterday. Oh, also I took some things to Goodwill…

One of the lazier things I did this weekend was watch the television, a lot of television in fact.

As I have a currently free subscription to Apple TV Plus I watched an episode of “Little America” that had an oddly familiar ring to it. The episode, called “The Silence”, is about a woman who goes to a retreat that requires its participants to not speak. At the end of the episode there is a plot twist, which, is nearly identical to the plot twist that occurred in the play, called “Small Mouth Sounds”, that I saw last year. Weird. I wonder which one was written first.

I know I have more to say, but not enough time to sit and collect my thoughts.

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  1. Steve says:

    Not bad, not great, but successful weekend.

    Friday night, went to the good local Italian restaurant Debbie has been jonesing for. I guess we hit them at a peak, as service was good but the kitchen was slow. Worth the wait? Hmmm… that’s a tough one.

    Saturday was chore day. We got 2 gates to try and keep Minnie Pearl on her side of the fence. Looked at Tractor Supply online for prices, then went to the local feed store in Grantville and did business there. His process were just a bit more, but very much inline and I like being able to do business locally when I can. MP was not pleased about the gates and editorial comments that you don’t want to step in.

    Sunday had us at the Huddle for breakfast, then a quick grocery run. I got in 20 miles on the road bike and wondered if I was going to stay dry. The skies were getting dark, but nothing fell. Watched a fairly stupid movie “Mad Money” about stealing unfit currency from the Fed. Yeah, it doesn’t work like that.


    • Bonnie says:

      I have to come visit you guys someday and meet the herd, especially MP. 🙂 I read in past blogs about fun that has been had at your place over the years and besides, I should probably learn how to play dominos someday.. 😉

    • Bonnie says:

      I applied for a job at the Fed right out of college but I didn’t get it. I was crushed because in those days I was used to getting everything I wanted. Weird to think how life could have taken a different path…

  2. Bonnie says:

    I was happy to see that my (our) friend Judy served potstickers and spring rolls as part of her hors d’oeuvres Saturday night 😋—but hers weren’t homemade as she doesn’t really cook.

    *Fist bump* Paulie for exercising. I did the same, and also stayed within my calorie limits Friday and Sunday (Saturday was a hot mess 😁). One of our friends, W, who is also dieting, watered down her wine all Saturday night. I didn’t go that far 😂.

  3. Except for the roads directly leading to their abode that area of the state is good bike riding (hint hint).

    Speaking of bike riding, I may sign up for many more organized rides this year. More money, yes. More riding, also yes.

    • Bonnie says:

      *Fist bump*

      Of course Wheelhopper started in my hood yesterday and was a brewery tour. Ugh—always when I can’t go… 😕

    • And I ignored the start because, you know, why would I go hashing without Glory Mole? 🤓

      • Steve says:

        When I saw they were in need of a hare, I thought about a trail, but then I laid down until the feeling passed.

        As Paulie stated, the road from the house can be a quagmire, but many times, like yesterday, it was fine. And if we were to have a ride after a monsoon, we could “remote start” somewhere with pavement!

        And speaking of JEFDSDR, we decided on a name for the “new” farm- Lazy Dog Farm! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Bonnie says:


  4. Steve says:

    Well, I was thinking about getting tickets to see Wait Wait at the Fox on 3/12, but it seems expensive to me. The peanut gallery seats are $40! If you’re of a mind, the general public has to wait until Thursday, but use code GPBWAIT and you can buy NOW!

  5. Found out this weekend that my insurance agent has moved to Roswell, guess I will no longer be paying them personal visits…

  6. Barb says:

    Greetings from Iowa.
    There is snow on the ground, but no more fell while I was here.
    Good visit, fly out this evening.
    ABBA show was fun, mom had no idea what it was, but we were in the 3rd row with comp’d seats so she enjoyed seeing those seats.

  7. Barb says:

    Now mom wants to go bowling….. yikes.

  8. Barb says:

    Btw, the political ads here are INSANE.
    Caucus is a week or so away.
    We’ve barely had the TV on, it’s crazy.
    There was an entire section of the Gazette Sunday paper with everyone & their views on everything.
    It was actually very informative.
    I hope the people here get it right.

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