OMG I am running well behind schedule this morning! You’d almost not believe that there was no alcohol consumed at Betsy’s last night, but none was consumed.

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  1. The post is even later since apparently the Publish button did nothing the first time I attempted to publish this morning…

  2. Steve says:

    It was just Betsy’s intoxicating personality??

    Debbie finally got Minnie Pearl to BRAY! She (Debbie) was so excited!! Hee Haw. I have yet to enjoy the treat.

    Busy AF yesterday. Learned of a routing problem between Atlanta and Birmingham and worked all afternoon to diagnose it. Only finished this morning. Now to implement the change.

    Watched a strange episode of Sherlock last night. It was as complicated as any, but more so. Fun, but you had to pay close attention.

    Road ride this weekend? Anyone?


    • I’d like to get back to watching Sherlock as I never finished doing so.

      I’m on the road OTP (northeast) today, so no riding for me.

    • Bonnie says:

      I watched all of Sherlock—a couple were indeed extra strange. I would say yes to a road ride, but alas I’m too slow for the likes of you…

  3. Just renewed my season ticket for the performances at the Hertz Stage of Alliance Theatre in a process so frustrating that I nearly threw my iPhone across the room. I can’t understand stand why, at this point in time, all websites aren’t completely capable of being used from a mobile phone.

    They were extremely close to losing me as a subscriber…

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