After crossing my fourth creek this morning I received an alert from the National Weather Service warning me of flooding. No, fucking, duh! I can’t help feeling that this weather system would have probably produced snow years ago. I guess I should take solace that it won’t produce ice.

I made “Irish Stew”, in quotes because I am not sure how authentic the recipe was and I used fake bratwurst instead of lamb/beef. This was my second crack at this recipe and it turned out better, less bitter, even though I winged it on the amount of spices that I used.

Dear Apple: stop automatically inserting an “a” in front of my proper nouns, for fuck’s sake!

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  1. Steve says:

    I was sitting in the cafeteria when the alert came out. Both my phones, and everyone else’s went off… pretty funny.

    Fish tacos were back in the house last night!! After reading about the tilapia farming techniques in China, Debbie swore off eating it. She finally decided catfish wouldn’t be too bad and they were delicious!

    We had one flash of lightning last evening, which set the dogs off, and that was it as far as I know. Rain overnight but nothing but wet roads on the way in this morning.


    • It’s almost as if they waited until 8am to send the alarm in fear of waking people?

      I have to admit, crossing some of these in a low-riding Mazda 6 brought me some concern.

      • Bonnie says:

        Well they woke up Willow! She lost her shit and leapt off the bed and then promptly retreated under it. 😿

      • Awww. I bet Nigel had been awake for hours… 😹

        • Bonnie says:

          Well, they go back to bed after breakfast… 🙄 Nigel is actually more of the scaredy cat in many ways, and while he certainly was on alert for a while after the sound, he stayed on the bed and eventually settled back into his nap.

      • barb says:

        I managed to shut that feature off on my phone, doesn’t hurt my feelings at all.

        Steve – can’t you get tilapia from other (non farmed) places?

        We grilled too much chicken Tuesday night, so last night Allan made a cream based soup with it- has some half & half we needed to use, added Spinach, Rotel, & Tortellini & who knows what spices. It was quite tasty.

    • Stacy Fox says:

      The alerts are always a fun time in the office. My phone is always on moot [sic] so I just saw it pop up, but I got to hear a bunch of noises from offices around me. 🙂 I also realized I must have did my commute in a fortuitous little break in the weather. No rain, no street rivers, and perfectly calm when I got it… though colleagues coming in not but 30 minutes later said it was torrential out there. Stay safe, everyone! I heard this should be with us all day.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday my Facebook feed was full of my Tulsa peeps’ snow day pics. My nieces were happy. 🙂

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