Even with some technological and personal setbacks this turned out to be a good weekend. One such setback was the return of my old nemesis the TPMS alarm, which sounded on Saturday. 😠

I decided to spend Friday night home alone, made a bastardized version of pizza for myself for an early dinner, and then went to the basement for a tough trainer workout. The pizza was good, but I forgot remember there is a different procedure for making pizza dough using the flour I used, so it came out too bread like.

On Saturday afternoon Bonnie and I did a nice 5-mile hike out at Sweetwater Creek State Park. We then attempted bid adieu to Graveyard Tavern in EAV, but we were there before their opening time of 5pm. We couldn’t wait around for Graveyard to open because we were headed over to Betsy’s for a bit of Christmas tree burning, (real) pizza eating, and beer drinking.

Yesterday was a Black Sheep day! I’m glad to say that neither Glory Mole nor I was DFL! 🎉

Have a great Monday, even if you are in the office and have a dental checkup, like I am/do today.

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5 Responses to 2020-02-17

  1. Steve says:

    With Debbie gone I puttered around the house all weekend. Did manage a road ride Saturday not quite 20 miles.

    Debbie’s mom is coming to stay with us Friday for a few weeks so yesterday I spent preparing the dining room to receive her hospital bed. We have a TV credenza that became a catchall for stuff that needed to go away. Today’s challenge is to move the satellite feed cable from our bedroom to the dining room so she’s able to watch TV.

    Hopefully everyone will make it home at a reasonable hour today. They were hoping Julie would be released from the hospital yesterday but that hasn’t happened yet.


  2. Steve says:

    First mission accomplished. Managed to steal a coax cable that was already run to connect the TVs new location in the dining room. However when I tried to reconnect or relocate the one that I had already pulled out of the bedroom I couldn’t locate where it had come out of. It seems that might be a two person job and my second person is not around yet.

  3. Lunch was that not of a skinny person. Bad Paulie!

    I have done well by scheduling two appointments that needed to be scheduled. Good Paulie!

    One more to schedule after my dental appointment. C’mon Paulie!

  4. A little finger wagging at my dental hygiene, but overall a decent visit to the dentist.

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