Whew, I’m feeling beat about this morning. Last night I lumbered nearly seven miles to get to the end of the hash. To give the hare a little credit, most of that was off trail when it was realized we had circle-jerked on trail and there was no short way to the end. The distance Bonnie and I covered was further lengthened thanks to Apple Maps not cueing is to turn and then spending an eternity to reroute us. By the time i had realized what was going on there was no choice but to keep going the long way. It turned out that neither Bonnie nor I were DFL, we bested two people who had run trail and also hashed nearly seven miles as well.

Don’t know what today holds in store for me…

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.0 pounds. This is still too high, but slowly headed in the direction I want it to go.

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  1. barb says:

    I realized too late that the hash was in my ‘hood, but we already had plans.
    And- I would not have been happy with a 7 mile trail.
    Where did you cross under/over 75?

    yesterday was hell here at work – today I’m still not even close to figuring out what all the people I work with did while I was gone………… brain cells are just not there & comprehension is a lost art.

    • It never crossed 75. It went west from Life University, circle-jerked back to the start and then trail (which I did not run) meandered to Schoolhouse. I got the end via text from Davey and tried to use Apple Maps to get us to the end. I was so tired and angered when I got in the I passed on most of the food for which I paid $5 to eat, and did not drink beer.

    • Bonnie and I wound up having to run all the way up Wylie to South Marietta, and then down Franklin Gateway to get to the brewery.

      • barb says:

        I mixed up Wildwood park with the Wildwood offices on Powers Ferry.
        What food did they bring in?
        yes- going all the way up Wylie to S 120 & back down Franklin was definitely a long cut. Should have just stopped at Shezmu (on Wylie & called it a day – hahahaha)

      • I at a hunk of bread and some thin mint cookies. I know there was vegetarian (vegan) Irish stew, and everyone thought that I was joking when I said that I had the same thing for dinner on Sunday, which I had!

  2. Bonnie says:

    *Fist bump* Paulie on the number in the scale. 🙂 Mine was not good today—between not exercising because of my pulled back muscle and over-the-top-pity-eating (as evidenced last night) I’ve gained nearly 4 pounds since I was bragging to you about my low weight last week! 😢😢😢 Guess I’ll just start over today…

  3. Steve says:

    Monday night and 7 miles? That does seem like a bit much. Was that true trail? And speaking of hashers, I was returning home and noticed I was following a car with at least one hash sticker on it down in my neighborhood. Wow.

    Debbie had a long day of driving yesterday. I don’t think they left Ocala until about 3:30, so arrived at our house about 9:30. Glad to have her home.


    • No, most of what Bonnie and I did was not trail, it was trying (and failing) to get to the end by road. The maps app even had us cut through an auto dealership, at the end of which we had to shimmy under a locked fence gate.

      The distances ran by those who did the entire trail varied fro 4.8 to 7.0 miles, however.

  4. Ooh, just got up from my office chair and I am suffering mightily from sore muscles, joints, and feet today. These are in addition to my “normal” maladies, making me on big bag of hurt. Hello, Rest Day!

    • Steve says:

      After crawling under the house yesterday, I’m sore in some very odd places. That will be in effect until some hot tub time tonight. If it isn’t raining.

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